A man arrested after returning to police to escape from the police for ten years and returning home to eat his wife Lasania


Italy's wanted criminal who sent escape lives from 2000 for 10 years and continued to escape police hands eats his wife Lasagna and with his familycarnivalI came back home to celebrate, he seems to have been arrested by the police stuck in.

Details are as below.Lasagne trail leads to fugitive - Offbeat, Breaking News - Belfasttelegraph.co.uk

Giancarlo Sabatini, who disappeared right after receiving a conviction of 3 years and 8 months imprisonment in the case involving cocaine trading in 2000, has been running away from police for ten years and has continued to dodge the police.

On Tuesday, March 8, 2011, after receiving information, it is near RomeRocca PrioraThe police who were monitoring Sabatini 's wife and daughter' s residence seemed to have felt suspicious, looking at his daughter who left his mother 's house with a train of Lazania and ran to his neighbor' s house. Sabbatini was found and arrested by the police stepping into believing that there must be "customers" at his daughter 's house.

In Italy there are many families,Rent(Lent)Enter into a food saving period inAsh WednesdayOn the day before the carnival, he seems to have a habit of eating lasagna at lunch last Tuesday. To celebrate this day with his family, Sabatini is believed to have returned from Belgium with a hideout to Italy.

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