If you are using an MP3 player while commuting you will be arrested and will be taken DNA

Darren Nixon who lives in Stoke on Trent was arrested for being arrested by a policeman armed with a gun brought to the armed police because he was listening to music with an MP3 player while waiting for a bus for commuting, Something happened that happened.

Details are as below.Arrested, caged and DNA tested - for using MP3 | Metro.co.uk

Darren Nixon, a 28-year old, took out a Philips black MP3 player and changed the song, she said that a passerby woman who saw that he misunderstood and told him that he had a gun.

The policemen who received the report tracked Mr. Nixon from the video of the surveillance camera and surrounded a firearm settled where I got off the bus after my work. I pushed Mr. Nixon into the van I got on. Mr. Nixon was released after DNA and fingerprints were collected but the information that the police officer realized that the police officer was false alarm but was arrested on suspicion of violating firearms in the database of the state still remained.

Mr. Darren Nixon arrested on false alarm.

"When police officers got off the bus, the police officers were doing some gestures, but I could not hear what they were talking about.When they were getting closer to the police officers they were holding guns He noticed and heart rate jumped, one of the police officers hid behind the car door, pointed the muzzle to here and the other police officers were commanding something loudly.If you turn off the MP3 player I heard that it is said that you should give up, "I talk about the situation when I was arrested.

Police said Starfordshire police arrested Mr. Nixon that the man from the public reported that there was a man who put a gun out of his pocket and stood with both hands and shot himself, "The strategy was done properly and reported I arrested a person who matched the feature. "

By the way, the appearance of portable players currently sold by PhilipsHereFrom. Depending on the angle there are also models that are invisible to guns.

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