A tagline paper "Quickies" which can search the written content and also knows where it was pasted

This new spiral paper "Quickies"It is possible to search where you put it and what you wrote, and you can let the mobile phone schedule notice or send a message as a reminder about the contents you wrote further.

Details are below. Some movies are actually being used.
Quickies: Intelligent Sticky Notes - TFOT

Post · ItAdhesive typetagAbout paper, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAccording to the newly invented and published material of "Ambient Intelligence Group", this tag paper is embedded with RFID tags and uses artificial intelligence and ink recognition technology for analysis of written content, for example When sticking the schedule paper on which the schedule is written on the desk, the place is memorized, the contents written are collectively recognized and it becomes searchable from the personal computer.

Also, it is very convenient because there is a function to inform the contents in advance so as not to forget about the schedule written. Of course, if you create task lists and task lists, they will also be available on computers and mobile phones, so scheduling management seems to be much easier.

Furthermore, if you memorize the name of the other party's phone number during a phone call, they can be automatically registered in the address book.

Also, even when my parents do not use a PC or cell phone, when I write contacts on attached paper etc., the contents written automatically will be sent to the mobile phone It seems possible.

At first, the flow of the entire system looks like the following

And this is the actual movie you are using. It looks quite interesting.

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