Asking what kind of benefit the existence of the EU "Is the European Union Worth It Or Should We End It?"

A movie that asks whether the EU has its value or should end, is known for scientific animation moviesKurzgesagtIt is open to the public.

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A referendum took place in the UK in June 2016,EU withdrawal victory. In response to this result, the government has officially started the process of withdrawal from the EU.

There are 27 EU participating countries after Britain departs.

The population within the EU region is 440 million in China, followed by 450 million in India, followed by 450 million.

In terms of gross domestic product (GDP), it is 14 trillion billion yen (about 1550 trillion yen) second only to US $ 17.9 trillion (about 1950 trillion yen), the third largest China is 11 trillion dollars (about 1,200 trillion trillion Circle). It is one of the largest in the world as a single market.

However, originally the EU was born with the aim of "peace". Europe has long been a war from long ago, especially Germany and France have been rivalry for centuries.

In Germany it seems that there is the word "Erbfeindschaft" which means "grudge beyond generations".

However, people in Europe arrive after the Second World War seeking "peace" not based on the balance of military strength. It is an idea that war will be impossible if European economic, political and ethnic groups are linked, and war will not be considered.

As a result, the EU succeeded in bringing peace to Europe over 70 years, including its predecessor.

The EU is bringing various benefits besides "peace", such as being able to travel freely in the area and reducing traffic volume.

Against MicrosoftI ordered correction by violation of antitrust lawWe have also challenged international big companies such as Apple and Facebook.

It also exerts great power in terms of science field ... ...

As a result of proactively promoting science by cooperating in EU countries, it is only 5% of the world's total in terms of the researchers' population, but the output of the research has achieved a large result of 25% I will.

However, it is true that some citizens have distrust in the EU.

It will be held every 5 yearsEuropean Parliamentary electionsThe rate of voting is decreasing year by year.

If you gain the trust of citizens, you will need more transparency efforts and sense of responsibility.

It is a refugee problem that the EU was greatly shaken.

In this issue, a country has accepted far more refugees than other countries. Meanwhile, the border countries have received the impression that they were "left alone".

In terms of security, after the war, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which brought in the United States for opposing the Soviet Union, was formed. However, there is a question of whether America needs to continue to be involved in the present era in which the East and West Germany were unified and the Soviet Union collapsed.

There is also the idea that if rolling up the troops possessed by each country, roles can be substituted.

Looking at the economic side, the EU has the effect of boosting the economy of each country.

There are also reports that GDP has improved by 12 points in new member countries.

Economic investment and development support of several billion euros (hundred billion yen) every year are carried out in areas where economy and infrastructure are poor.

However, it is a challenge to bundle countries with different economic strengths and different social security, tax and labor laws.

Taking wages as an example, there is a large range from 4 euros per hour (about 460 yen) to 40 euros per hour (about 4630 yen).

This currency is also one of the problems, in 2010 the impact of the Greek economic crisis spread to the euro area.

It is Kurzgesagt's claim that "it is impossible for unification of things with unbalanced economic policy under one currency." The solution has been over the years, but we have not found a solution yet.

Kurzgesagt points out that "There is a defect in the EU," but he acknowledges that it makes the Europe a powerful presence in the world as well.

As mentioned earlier, it has made great achievements in terms of science, it is the second largest "economic superpower" in the world and possesses the world's strongest army. It is an important point to provide the required peace and safety.

So, Kurzgesagt stands "EU has value". Of course, there are a few people who think that EU citizens do not "need EU", but for those people, "Because it is not a enemy but a friend on the same EU ship", the future of the EU We are calling for debate based on facts.

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