I tried "Calbee potato" where pizza potatoes and potatoes serve as rice dishes as croquettes

Potato chips' consommé punch "" Norishio "and" Pizza potato "reproduced as a mini size croquette"Snack croquette"Croquet store offering"Calbee potatoWill be opened on the first floor of the Hankyu Umida main store from the Wednesday, April 19, 2017 in the prepared side sales floor. Since it was said that it will be dealt with at Hokkaido property exhibition "Hokkaido property exhibition" afternoon between 12th (Wednesday) and 18th (Tue), we actually bought croquette at the shop and tried it It was.

News release "Korobichotokoro" Calbee potato "Grand opening for Hankyu Umeda head office on Wednesday, April 19, 2017! Calbee Co., Ltd.

Hankyu Umida main store was open at 10 o'clock, and when we arrived at 9:30, we could not see the waiters ......

When opening up and looking toward the Hokkaido property exhibition on the ninth floor, there was already a crowd in front of Calbee potatoes.

The shop looks like this.

Croquettes are lined like a vegetable shop. In stores opened at the 1st floor prepared side dishes, 5 kinds of "snack croquettes" and 2 kinds of Calby potato croquettes are handled, but at the Hokkaido property exhibition until 18th, only 3 types of snack croquettes are handled I will.

So, I bought it.

The croquette is in a box like the following.

Snack croquettes contain eight bite-sized croquettes in a box.

Pizza potatoIt will be closed from the middle of April 2017, so this time first I will try to eat it from a snack croquette with pizza potato flavor.

This is a snack croquette with pizza potato taste. There is no pizza potato feeling at all.

However, at the moment of eating, even if not saying anything, the fragrance and taste which spreads to the extent that it is understood as "Pizza potato ... ...! Junk of spices and cheese has been fully reproduced, but because of the croquettes rather than sweets, salty and spices are discreet and somewhat mild taste. Although it was in a cold state, the part of the clothing was crispy and the tooth was well touched, the potatoes inside had a soft part which was completely mashed and a dice shape part which left a slight crunch and you can enjoy the texture.

If it is cold it is said to warm up in the oven for 3 to 4 minutes, so when trying to warm up ......

To Hokkeoku more. It is a tasty flavor that goes well with rice.

When I ate the original pizza potato, it was salty and spiced strongly, it was a more junked taste, but the satisfaction of eating pizza potato by eating croquette can be tasted firmly.

Next, I also eat snack croquettes with consommé punch taste.

This is also highly reproducible, there are editorial staff who feel that "consommé punch is more real than pizza potato". The crispy clothes and the texture of Hokuhoku potatoes are the same as the snack croquettes of pizza potato, which is not as a snack but it seems to be good even if you go up to the table as a side dish for rice.

The third one is the taste of chopsticks.

The snack croquette of Nasushi taste is a little greenish color even if it is seen from the outside.

The section looks something like this. When you imagine potato chips and eat it, it feels slightly salty, but the simple flavor, the flavor of paste was felt direct. Some people comment that "I'd like to put some glue when making croquettes, regardless of Calbee potatoes", and the compatibility of glue and croquette is good.

Calbee potato croquette has two kinds, "Hokkaido fermented butter" and "plain".

It is bigger than snack croquettes, normal croquette size.

First of all, trying to eat plain, there is no figure of meat, croquette that just kept potatoes to the best. Sweet potato sweetness, saltiness, pepper are a bit spicy, it is a standard taste. The potato chips feeling is zero, but the clothes are crispy texture and the potato texture is smooth & hokuhoku, so the completeness as a croquette was high.

Hokkaido fermented butter is eaten with plain, the difference in taste is obvious, it is slightly sweet, rich and mild taste. It was a richer feeling.

The pizza potato taste, consommé punch taste, and Norikoshi taste of snack croquettes are 8 in total, 390 yen including tax, Calbee potato croquettes plain 120 yen including tax, Hokkaido fermented butter 150 yen including tax. In addition to the above, snack croquettes of "Kansai, Soy Sauce and Takoyaki Flavor" are also sold at the croquette store "Calbee potato" opened on the 1st floor of the basement floor at Wednesday, 19th (Wednesday).

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