I tried a party snack "hot spicy Russian scone chilli" containing a chill taste of spicy with a 1/6 chance

A spicy chili flavor will appear in 1/6 chance to the classic snack of Lake Ikebaya "Scone"Spicy Russian scones Chilli"Will be released on Monday, December 5, 2016. I tried enjoying the Russian roulette scone what kind of thing is the spicy (shin) experience of the shock ahead.

Snack confectionary type spicy (shin) game attacks!? One-sixth probability shock shin (Shin) experience !! "Sponge Russian Scone tiryu" released

Spicy Russian scones Chillies are bright red packages.

The character "Who is hitting the spicy scone?" And the expression of the man who approaches the demonic gives an intense impact.

In the hot spicy Russian scone chili taste, "a spicy chili taste" is included in "a spicy chili taste" in a ratio of 1/6. Therefore, it is a concept of snacks that everyone can enjoy at parties.

For raw materials, for example, corn starch (not genetically modified), vegetable oil, glucose, spices, chicken extract powder, etc. are used.

I immediately took it out to the dish.

The fragrance of red pepper is not that strong.

It is said that the winning (losing) is included with a probability of 1/6, but it can not be distinguished from the appearance.

So, I tried one book at once. "Chili taste not spicy" is a rich taste thanks to the chicken extract powder, but it is certainly not so painful and it is a scone that people who are not good at hot objects can eat without problems.

When I tried to eat chili taste of spicy, I did not notice it at the time of chewing but the fragrance of chili peeling through the nose and the intense spicy pull behind came just after. A tingling sensation is left on the tongue, and it is a level of pain that makes you want a drink such as water. Russian roulette was the end.

I looked quite handmade, but I can not judge at all whether it is spicy or not. I think that the color of the dark eyes is doubtful, there is also a tinge taste of the spicy color of light color, so you will eat while becoming suspicious.

If you think that it would be okay with this bite, hit it with a spicy chili flavor. Since small fragments have intense hotness, choosing small pieces requires courage. Eating chili taste of spicy, it is strange because it feels painful to eat next to eat chili taste next time.

When counting the number of spicy and chilly taste included in one bag, it was 16 and 77, respectively, which was a ratio of 1: 5, respectively.

The thing that will rise when everyone eats it as "one sixth luck try" The definite "spicy Russian scones taste" is an estimated actual selling price of 146 yen (excluding tax) and a convenience store nationwide from December 5, 2016 (Monday) It will be sold at the store.

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