The claim that the learning method by "learning style" according to personal characteristics is almost not supported

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A methodology is proposed in which each person conducts surveys beforehand based on the concept that each individual has a learning style and provides a learning method "Learning Style" that is adapted to the individual, but this method There are many misunderstandings in the way of thinking, and the cautious theory that there is not sufficient support as a theory is advocated yet.

No evidence to back idea of ​​learning styles | Letter | Education | The Guardian

There are differences between people's ideas and things as well as 'right brain type vs left brain type' and 'instinctive vs theory group', so learning is better when you learn in a style that fits each person The way of thinking is called "learning style", or learning style in Japanese. Certainly, each person approaches to one thing like "illustration center" or "character center", "emphasize on the whole theory" or "emphasize on each topic" are people, and learning is done according to that person It is thought that the idea of ​​making sense is reasonable and this methodology is spreading all over the world.

However, there is also the idea that the problem still remains in this method. There are three main reasons, one is "There is no consistent framework in the learning style tailored to people". Generally, when applying a learning style to an individual, it is judged based on self-declared questionnaire whether it is one of three learning styles "auditory type", "visual type", "exercise type" . However, in one study, the result that the total of 70 types such as 'right brain type vs left brain type', 'overall grasping type vs the various kinds of emphasis type' and 'language type vs visual type' are also clearly shown It is the idea that the classification of the learning style at the present moment is insufficient.

Secondly, there is a harmful effect that it is fixed by classifying individuals into specific styles, stopping themselves to fit other styles.

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And the biggest problem is that from the results of research systematically conducted on the effect of learning style, we prove results by letting individuals learn in a way that is in line with learning style It is the fact that there is no evidence, or only a small amount of evidence has been confirmed. The UK Educational Endowment Foundation concludes that what learning styles bring is "a low effect, based on limited evidence, at a very low cost".

A group centered on British education researchers expresses an opinion that attention should be paid to finding a factual based learning method, assuming that the learning style is "superstition of brain science" to the last. It seems that the learning style methodology itself is not completely denied, but it seems that there is no doubt that a methodology based on a more reliable basis is required.

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