The idea of ​​"learning style" is just superstition

ByTamaki Sono

"Types that are easier to remember when taking notes with colorful pens", "types that learn content by reading over and over", that people are unsuitable for studying lawsLearning styleMany people accept naturally the idea of ​​" However, Quartz of the news site reports that this idea of ​​"learning style" is a superstition of Neurosiene which is vague in the first place.

The concept of different "learning styles" is one of the greatest neuroscience myths - Quartz

There are many ways of thinking about learning style, but the most famous is "People can learn efficiently when taught by the learning method that matched their own." However, Dr. Paul Howard Jones, who studies pedagogy and cranial nervology at Bristol University in the UK, said in his paper published in 2014 that the idea of ​​learning style was born by misunderstanding, misreading, misunderstanding scientific facts "It is said. "Humans use only 10% of the brain" Similarly to the popular opinion that "the brain shrinks unless you drink 6 to 8 glasses of water on a day," the learning style is also just one of myths That's it.

Meanwhile, in 2012, when asked to 242 teachers in the Netherlands and the UK in the study "Do you think that the idea of ​​learning style is correct"? A teacher who thinks that the learning style concerning auditory, visual, and tactile is the truth It accounted for 93% of the total in the UK and 96% in the Netherlands. The myth of neuroscience, which was believed next to learning style, was "It is influenced learning whether right brain type or left brain type is learning."

ByScott Ingram

Also, Professor Philip Newton of Swansea University in Wales said, "Although 94% of current research is written on a premise that shows positive views on learning style, although it does not make learning style a basis for research" I found out that. "Despite the ineffectiveness of learning styles, there are now many positive papers for it, which weaken the fields of education and research and perhaps have a bad influence on students," Newton The professor said.

Furthermore, in 2014, Professor Frank Kaffield, who studies pedagogy at the University of London, studied 13 famous learning styles and found that there was not enough scientifically-based educational techniques for each learning style discovered. Also, Professor Harold Pasher, a psychologist at the University of California, San Diego in a 2008 study, "There are many books that I wrote about learning style, but I studied whether learning style is suitable for education using experimental method There are few studies.In addition, some of the studies conducted in an appropriate way have derived the result of denying the hypothesis about famous learning style, and at the moment we can say " There is not enough evidence to practice with. "


So why did the unfounded hypothesis spread so much? That is, Professor Jones believes that "There is no firm evidence, but scientific facts were mistakenly translated". In the brain there are parts with different roles, such as visual, auditory, sensory processing, etc. From this, Professor Jones said that "I should learn according to the best working part of each person's brain" I explained it. Scientific papers are hard to understand for non-experts, they are simplified in an attempt to explain in a straightforward manner, and mis - translation is born. And, believing that those who are not offended but who have biased thoughts are "what revolutionizes science and society" has spread the learning style.

In addition, Professor Kohofield said in a paper published in 2004 "The learning style easy to use in school classes creates hope for educators without cost, and education based on learning style is" fun " It is because it is easy for children to accept for reasons, "Quartz said," People simply seem to want to believe this learning myth. "

ByBrittany Randolph

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