Study results that students do not improve student performance even if providing "learning style" preferred by students

byPhil Roeder

"Children have appropriate learning style for eachThere is a theory spreading all over the world, and some educators classify students' learning styles by conducting "VARK (image, auditory, reading and exercise)" questionnaire, but in recent years "There is no clear evidence to support the idea of ​​learning style". Meanwhile, the science journal of the education systemAnatomical Sciences EducationA research result denying the effect of learning style was also posted.

Another nail in the coffin for learning styles? Disparities among undergraduate anatomy students' study strategies, class performance, and reported VARK learning styles - Husmann - - Anatomical Sciences Education - Wiley Online Library

"Another nail in the coffin for learning styles" - students did not benefit from studying according to their supposed learning style - Research Digest

Learning style theory is to studentsVARK questionnaireThe carried out to classify students into four learning styles such as "visual learning is effective," "learning by using the auditory effect", which assume a learning method that matches to each of the learning styles. But is learning style theory with supporters around the world, tried to change the learning method by the fact learning style is, at best "Regardless of whether I actually studied or not, I feel like I studied hardIt is said that only the degree of effect such as "is obtained.

However,"There is no evidence for learning styleMany educators who discontinue support to the learning style theory are still few as many studies have been announced. Among supporters of the learning style theory, "The reason why the learning style theory was not supported in previous studies is that" If you like your learning style, the time for students to study voluntarily, other than school classes, There is a person who insists that "we do not consider the influence of school except for the lesson" that it will increase ". Previous studies are trying to fit the learning style to the educational method at school and do not measure the effect of learning style in learning other than class.

In order to measure the effect of learning style theory outside such classes, the research team of Indiana University gave hundreds of students taking lectures and exercises in anatomy to students by VARK questionnaire for each individual learning style I classified it. The research team seems to encourage the students to "Learn how to learn in accordance with the learning style obtained in the VARK questionnaire in self-learning outside the lecture". And after analyzing the course of the year, I analyzed whether the students used the learning styles which they believed really suited themselves and that the students' grades were related to learning style.

byKashif John

As a result, 67% of all the students actually revealed that they did not use the learning style obtained from the VARK questionnaire. Also, the students who took the study method according to their learning style did not get higher grades than the students who did not use the learning style regarding the study method.

While there was no correlation between learning style and grades, students who took better grades, such as exercises on microscopic work and lecture notes, related to the performance, a specific learning format unrelated to the learning style I understood that there was. Incidentally,Flash cardIt seems that the study method to memorize with using does not give good results to learners.

The research team shows that there is no secondary effect besides the originally expected effect on the research result of this time, and the research team says, "Since I am an effective human being of image learning, I am not good at reading "saying that it should not be used.

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