"European curry Bondi" where goro and thick beef curry and cheese rice go together

As many curries are counted as Japanese national foods, there are also many shops where you can eat out, and the variety of flavors also varies. One of them is "European curryActually, this word is "Made by European curry Bondi" Mr. Koichi Murata "Brown sauce based on menu made by adding curry ingredients" Indian scent, taste of Europe " I gave him a name as a trigger.

If I eat a variety of curries, I had to make sure the source of the ... ... so we had the opportunity so I went to eat at the Jimbocho main store of "European Curry Bondie".

European Curry Bondi

This place is around here. The nearest station is Jimbocho station of Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway.

There is Iwanami hall facing the intersection of Jimbocho, but go into the alley in the north-south direction behind it ......

Furthermore, when entering the alley in the east-west direction branching ......

There is a building called "Kanda Old Book Center". Bondi is here.

Most shops are related to bookstores, but there are three restaurants, "Steak & Wine" on the first floor, "Buddy" on the second floor, "Rakugo Cafe" on the fifth floor.

As I go up the stairs, the message for when I line up ...

The chair for standby is sliding in front of the shop. This time it seems that the waves of the customers in the day came near and it seems they have visited, I just put it in without waiting.

The menu looks something like this, and we have various curries. They are sweet, medium and spicy, respectively. "Sheng Sheng" source and rice is increased by 150 yen, both source and rice alone can be increased.

This time we ordered orthodox "beef curry" (1480 yen including tax). It was dry. First of all, potatoes are brought.

After a while curry sauce and rice arrived.

Rice is cheese from the beginning.

Curry is like this. You can also cheese topping with plus 150 yen.

It is distinctively big meat.

I'm going to rice a lot.

Although it is dry and nice, when you first enter the mouth you can feel that it has a mellow sweetness, but soon the complexity of spice spirit dominates the whole taste. The inside of the mouth and stomach is getting warmer, and if you go forward with a little bit, sweat and sweat will spout from around the hairline. In addition, although this time it was a great honor, the hand that carries the spoon as "spicy, delicious" did not stop, so maybe it had been eaten quickly if it had not made it to a high grade.

Since it is impeccable, I ordered "Nancy Pudding" (500 yen including tax) as a dessert after meal. Caramel sauce comes with attachment.

Since the surface is baked crisply, I break it with spoon and eat it.

From sweet curry as before, the fluffy sweetness that feels the flavor of the egg spreads all the mouth. The richness of the gap with curry is pleasant.

There are many things like purin 's caramel sauce as plus sweetness, but this caramel sauce is completely bitter and it doubles the sweetness you feel when you apply a small amount. However, if you overdo it, bitterness will prevail over the sweetness of the pudding, so let's balance it properly.

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