Up to 50 MB of attached files that can be received with Gmail

The size of attached files that can be received with Gmail, which was up to 25MB, has been increased to 50MB maximum.

G Suite Update Alerts: Receive emails of up to 50 MB in Gmail

The easiest way to send MB-class files by e-mail is to attach data directly to e-mail, but there is a limit to the data capacity that can be sent and received. In Gmail, receivable attachments up to 25MB have been expanded up to 50MB. If the person sending the file is Gmail address, it means that it is OK with attaching files up to 50 MB.

However, the capacity has increased to 50 MB only on the "receive" side. Please note that the maximum size of attached files that can be "sent" with Gmail will remain 25 MB. So if you want to send over 25MB of data in Gmail, you will need to use Google Drive or use file transfer service.

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