"Firefox 51" official version is released, FLAC and WebGL 2 are supported


The official version of Firefox 51 has been released. Firefox 51 supports WebGL 2 and FLAC, and video playback performance improves when GPU acceleration can not be used.

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Firefox 51.0 Release Notes

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◆ Desktop version download
· Windows version

· Mac OS X version

· Linux version

◆ Changes in Firefox 51 Desktop Edition

○ New function
· You can now check the password before saving on the password save dialog
· Zoom button added to URL bar:
When magnification / reduction is performed from the standard setting, the magnification is displayed
By clicking the zoom button, you can return to the standard magnification
- Video playback performance improved in environments without GPU installed. The CPU usage rate during video playback decreases and the experience at full screen playback improves
- Passwords can now be saved even when "submit" event does not occur
·FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)It corresponds to the reproduction of
·WebGL 2It corresponds to. As a result, advanced graphic rendering functions such as transform feedback are now available. We also improved the texture function and also corresponded to the new shader language
· For login pages delivered via insecure connectionA warning is now displayed
· Corresponds to Georgian [ka] and Kabylese [kab]
· E10s became faster, and tab switching became faster
· Reliability of browser data synchronization has been improved
· Belarusian [be] has been deleted from the locale

Correction point
·Several security issuesFixed.

○ Changes
· 2D graphic library (Skia) is now used for rendering content on Linux
· Re-enabled E 10s support in Russian [ru]
NSSUpdated to 3.28.1

◆ Changes in Firefox 51 Android version

○ New function
· Nepali language [ne-NP], Bulgarian language [bg], Kabyl word [kab] has been added to the locale
· Reliability of browser data synchronization has been improved
· Belarusian [be] has been deleted from the locale

○ Changes
I now use 2D graphics library (Skia) for rendering content on Linux

The next version of Firefox 52 will be on March 7, 2017Release scheduleis.

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