Zeiss made beautiful graphic mobile VR headset "ZEISS VR One" review

ZEISS (Zeiss) handling camera lenses, etc. can use mobile VR headset with smartphone plugged in "ZEISS VR One"Has been released. I was able to enjoy sharp VR graphics with Zeiss lenses and that it is compatible with both iOS / Android, so I tried what kind of quality VR can actually experience.


The VR One is contained in a white box.

By using Zeiss lens on the back side, explanation such as enjoying sharp VR graphic is written.

It supports 4.7-inch to 5.5-inch smartphones, and you can download VR applications from Google Play and AppStore.

Taking it out of the box, VR One looks something like this. It consists of a simple structure consisting only of the main body and headband.

You can see the Zeiss lens seen from the back. It also comes with a pad that looks comfortable.

When viewed from the bottom, there is a gap along the shape of the nose.

Since there is no battery etc. on the main body side, it is ready if you install two bands.

Pull out the smartphone holder from the side.

5.2 inch Nexus 5X, 5.5 inch iPhone 6s Plus etc can be used. The minimum size is 4.7 inches, iPhone 6 applies to this size.

You can download the cardboard application necessary to use VR One from the following page.

Cardboard - Android application on Google Play

Google Cardboard on the App Store

When you launch the Cardboard application, you only have access to photos and media for the first time, so tap "Permit".

To set up, tap "Arrow" in the red frame.

Tap 'Permit' because you are asked for permission of 'shoot photos and movies'.

Then the camera starts, so read the QR code on the back of the package.

Tap 'Arrow' when it is recognized.

You will be asked to install your smartphone on the VR One here.

VR One's smartphone holder is a mechanism in which one side stretches. Adjust the holder according to the size of the smartphone and set the smartphone.

Completing the set if you gotta stick out the part that was stretched.

If you just insert the holder in the VR One as it is OK.

It actually looks like this. Thanks to the pads, there is no cheap sense of fitting and there is no need to hold it with your hand like Cardboard so it will be able to withstand use for as long as the battery has.

Also, since the power port part is exposed, it was possible to use mobile battery and earphone together.

That is why the demonstration of Cardboard will start, but you will be prompted to press the Cardboard button for the operation in the demo so you can not play to the end with VR One without buttons.

However, functions such as "My library" which corresponds to the top screen of the Cardboard application can be used. Tap '360 degrees video channel' ......

You can access the Cardboard compatible VR movie on YouTube. Tap the movie first.

Tap "Continue".

Playing movies By tapping the Cardboard icon in the lower right corner of the screen, you can enjoy 360 ° movies with VR One.

Also, by tapping "Get application" from the Cardboard application, you can see a list of cardboard compatible applications.

The installed application will be displayed in "My Library".

Actually viewing the free VR game "InCell VR" played on VR One can be seen from the following movie.

Play VR game "InCell VR" with "ZEISS VR One" - YouTube

When I tried using some applications, I can see that the quality of the image is beautiful than that of the assembled VR viewer made of paper including Cardboard, and indeed it is Zeiss lens. When moving the field of view, the processing on the application side could not catch up and the graphics were often distorted, but the same mobile VR headset "Gear VRCompared with graphic, it can be said that it is superior to graphics. Furthermore, there is no Oculus-based exclusive UI like Gear VR, and it is also good that you can enjoy VR with the sense that you use smartphone applications as usual.

As a VR viewer that can use 360 ​​degree movies and so on any time and anywhere, it has become an ant alarming room for one thought.

Although ZEISS VR One does not ship to Japan from the official website, you can purchase it at the Kitamura Rakuten Ichiba store of 10,000 yen including tax.

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