I have eaten "Impact large apple apple stack pancake" using one whole apple with elicafe

Apple cafe offering desserts and drinks using apple sticking to varieties of apples "Elicafe (Ericafe)"There is a pancake that uses one whole apple tremendous apple. I went to the shop to actually appreciate apples, what kind of flavor the apple and pancake would bring together.

Elicafe by Cafe-inn | Apple café made by "elica" love apple

The address of elicafe is 3-18 Odonanami 1-chome Kita-ku, Osaka-fu, Osaka station, about 10 minutes on foot from each station Umeda station.

The appearance of the shop is like this, the red roof is a landmark.

When entering, there is a cafe counter on the first floor, a system to order earlier even in eat in. Three kinds of apples were also sold. The apples used for the menu you ordered are also using the same varieties, and you can order apple menus with your favorite variety if you like.

After ordering we will move to the second floor seat.

There is a sofa seat in the back ... ...

There is also a bead cushion seat where you can unwind your shoes and relax at the window.

On the wall was an anthropomorphic illustration of 'Narikiri Rikko' attached to each varieties of apples.

When I look at the inside of the store for one, I ordered as a drink "Apple tea"When"Apple apple latte(Both 550 yen including tax) arrived. Lin-tea has plenty of grated apples on straight tea and it has become a messy fruity tea feels good acidity and sweetness. The apple latte is not grated, and the cut apples are hidden under the foamed milk. When I drank it thinking "It is a piece of coffee with apple taste ...", the bitter taste is mainly bitter latte, and when you eat apples together, a refreshing fragrance and sweetness are added and it is more coffee and coffee than you thought It is amazing that good compatibility is good.

It is the popular number one of the storeAll baked apple"(800 yen including tax) was delivered.

Since the apple is hoka hoca, the ice of the top collapses immediately.

I do not mind putting a knife to eat. When you cut an apple "steak" and steam rises, I think that if you think that you can eat apples apples, the tension rises.

You will find that pushing the fruit with a knife is soft and juicy.

When I try to eat it, the heated apples are hokhoku, the fragrance of fruit juice and cinnamon penetrates into the mouth, while a good texture of "shaku" remains. It is a dish that you can enjoy the original flavor of the apple, but if you eat it with ice cream you will get a sense of dessert.

The part where the core of the apple has been hollowed is packed with sweet and sour raisin, and the compatibility with the apple is outstanding.

When I am eating baked apples, "Apple stack pancake"(1200 yen including tax) also appeared.

On the plate, the garnish which treated the flavors of the cooked apples and the colorful jam are pretty.

At first glance I can not see the pancake, but from the side I see that the pancake is showing a face from the break.

In line with the iPhone 5s, it looks like this, there is a pretty good volume.

When the knife is put in, the heated fruits are cut with crispness.

Looking at the cross section, apples and pancakes were alternately spread.

"Since the fabric of the pancake is made to fit with the apple, please try eating without syrup first", as it is without making anything alright. Pancake is cinnamon, not recently fashionable "fluffy", but solid fabrics are used. Therefore, it is a pancake with strong rich moist feeling, there is a presence not to be defeated to the fruit of a juicy apple. Hokuhoku apple is juicy, so people who want to taste simple may not need to spend anything.

A syrup called pancake made with only moisture of apples.

It is as smooth as water and it is spilling if it is sprinkled with honey image.

I tried to eat it again and it collapsed but after having enjoyed the appearance for a while it is easier to eat as it is easier to eat than recommended.

There is an apple cut in the pancake, it is exactly an apple.

The homemade syrup which is refreshing does not become sweet, and the taste of the apple itself is utilized to the last. Because there are plenty of apple menus that feel commitment, it is a cafe that you can not miss if you like apples.

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