I tried "WEST SIDE DIP BURGER" at JS BURGERS CAFE to dip a huge burger like a kushikatto in a special sauce

"JS BURGERS CAFE" which provides a commitment hamburger using beef 100% ice warm aged patty, opened in Kansai the first time in Osaka · Umeda on December 16, 2016. JS BURGERS CAFE Umeda store imagined Osaka specialty kushikatsu, pickled in sauce and eat burger "WEST SIDE DIP BURGERIt is said that it is provided only at the store, so I tried it at once.

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E-MAArrived at the J. S BURGERS CAFE Umeda store on the basement floor.

At a glance, it is a store like a general store.

However, since the menu of the hamburger is listed, it seems to be a mistake at JS BURGERS CAFE.

There are fashionable counters inside the shop ......

Seating for four people. It seems that you can eat a hamburger looking at the way the furniture and miscellaneous goods are displayed across the passage.

After securing your seat, order while checking the menu before checkout. Salads and drinks are served as lunch menu until 15 o'clock.

Of course, ordering only the Umeda store limited menu "WEST SIDE DIP BURGER" (R size is 1210 yen tax excluding tax, L size is 1460 yen tax excluded). It is a burger with a tribute to the Kushi specialty kushikatsu, it is said that it is soaked in a special sauce and eaten.

Salad of lunch is a buffet style.

Nuts, JS French, Italian and three kinds of dressing were prepared.

Drinks also arrived with salad on a small dish.

Watching the miscellaneous goods, wait for the hamburger.

"WEST SIDE DIP BURGER" (L size) arrives in about 10 minutes.

It is smaller than iPhone 6s.

Pattie of "WEST SIDE DIP BURGER" is not hamburger but beep pastry cutlet. A lot of jack cheese is dripping down on the katsu.

When lifting the buns, roast beef and onion fried in caramel color were on top of the cutlets.

There are plenty of purple cabbage under the cutlet.

In addition, onion rings and pickles were also included.

Spread the white paper napkin on the table ... ...

Take the WEST SIDE DIP BURGER in hand so as to get in between.

Special sauce is gravy sauce based on "Ikari retro sauce" and plenty of onion.

Immerse WEST SIDE DIP BURGER in gravy sauce ......


Opening a large mouth, when you bite it, the sweetness of beef patty, cutlet and gravy sauce spreads throughout its mouth. Exquisite matching of purple cabbage shabby feeling against thick rough beef and soft roast beef.

In Osaka 's kushikatsu it is OK to "pickled in twice" forbiddance.

The sauce is soaked firmly in the clothing of the katsu and the juicyness doubles.

Accompanied pickles are more acidic and perfect for accompanying gravy sauce that is rather sweet.

Of course, onion rings can also be eaten in skewered condition OK.

J.S BURGERS CAFE Umeda store was a magical store that makes you feel like you are eating in a furniture store.

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