I tried using "Manga library Z" which can read out old books and old phantom books that were not made into books for free by nostalgic out-of-print books

"Manga Library Z"Is an e-book that can be browsed free of charge with the permission of the manga artist / right holder, such as nostalgic works that have become out-of-print and comics are not available, and works that were not regrettably converted into monographs under various circumstances Service. 100% of the advertisement revenue was distributed to cartoonists / rightholders, and I tried to browse nostalgic works with a free comic application "Manga library Z".

Manga library Z - All-you-can-freely

The comic library Z can be enjoyed not only on the web version you browse on the browser but also on the Android · iOS application.

Manga library Z ~ 3800 volumes Free and unlimited comic app! - Android application on Google Play

Manga library Z - All you want is free popular cartoons! On the App Store

This time I will browse out-of-print books on iPhone 6s. After downloading and installing the manga library Z from the above URL on the App Store, tap "Open".

Tap "Open".

Tap "Start".

As the tutorial starts, swipe the screen to the left and continue reading. Manga Library Z not only includes out-of-print books but also new manga artists' works.

Viewing manga is free. Basically it can be browsed using "Heart" gifts everyday, and one heart is consumed per page.

Also supports browsing offline.

If you register as a Manga library Z member and log in, you can synchronize with the web version.

Furthermore, if you are reading comics continuously, you can also receive a bonus. Since the tutorial is over, tap "OK".

This is the home screen of the manga library Z application.

Scrolling down the screen, "Recommended" or "New arrival" ...

"Total ranking" or ...

You can choose your favorite cartoon from "Romance" "SF" etc.

By tapping the "Rank" icon at the bottom of the screen, the rankings are displayed so you can see popular comic at a glance.

When you tap "No heart consumption" on the screen, the ranking of manga that can be read without consuming the heart is also displayed.

In "Heart reading" you can check the ranking of works that consume 1 heart per page.

When you tap "bookshelf" icon at the bottom of the screen, downloaded works will be added.

I will try heart reading as soon as possible. Tap "Volume 1" of "The Chef".

The tutorial starts at the first use. Manga library Z is a free service which consists of returning the profits of advertisements displayed in the center of the screen to writers.

The number of hearts is displayed in the upper right. Tap "OK".

The cover is a color as well as a comic book.

Swipe the page by swiping left and right.

A scene that makes you feel the era of the era.

As you progress through the manga, I often encounter advertisements. To delete the advertisement, tap "×" at the top right of the advertisement. Frequent advertisements are bothersome, but if you want free service you can not help it.

When I finished reading 100 pages, "Heart is not enough" was displayed.

The exhausted heart seems to recover every morning at 4 o'clock.

If you say "I can not wait for the recovery of the heart!" "I want to read more now!", It is also possible to recover the heart for free. When you tap "Recover with video viewing" ... ...

The advertisement movie of the application is displayed ......

The application download page has opened. If you clear some trials, such as downloading an application or introducing it to a friend, you will receive a heart.

Heart can also be purchased. Tap 'Buy Heart Recovery Box' ......

You can purchase a heart according to the amount.

When the heart recovered, I could read the rest.

Since I used it for 2 consecutive days, I got 50 hearts additionally. You can return to the home screen by tapping "OK".

Manga library Z can browse works of more than 3800 volumes at the time of article creation, such as out-of-print books, manga which were not converted into monographs, cartoons obtained by the publisher, etc.

Not only for men's titles ......

There are also works for women.

In the web version it is also possible to view works by adults and boys love themes.

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