Twitter · Apple · Facebook · Google · Uber refuses cooperation with Mr. Trump 's "Muslim Database"

ByDonald J. Trump

Mr. Donald Trump said that in the event of simultaneous terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015Answer that "Must be implemented absolutely" as a question of whether to make Muslim (Muslim) databasesdoing. After that, although it has not actually been made yet, IT companies have announced the no no one after another on the question whether to cooperate if they make it.

Of Nine Tech Companies, Only Twitter Says It Would Refuse to Help Build Muslim Registry for Trump

The InterceptAsked 9 major American IT companies to cooperate in the creation of "Muslim database" that Mr. Trump is advocating in November 2016. The target isFacebook·Twitter·Microsoft·Google·Apple·IBM·Booz Allen Hamilton·SRA International·CGIAnd, there were three responses to Twitter, Microsoft, Booz Allen Hamilton. The other six companies did not answer.

And Booz Allen Hamilton answered "Refuse to comment", Microsoft answered "I can not talk about assumptions at the moment", but only Twitter answered clearly "no".

Google, Apple, Uber, IBM Say They Would Not Help Build A Muslim Registry - BuzzFeed News

However, when BuzzFeed did a similar question again, on December 16, 2016, we found that Apple, Google, IBM, Uber, 4 companies also did not cooperate in database creation.

Oracle refuses comments, but Oracle's Safra Cats CEOParticipated in the former President's transition team for cardsIt seems that it is because it is.

By the way, the problem of database creationAfter the statement became clear,It was a project that I rebuilt. Mr. Trump had previously listedWithdraw from the policy of "prohibiting full entry of Muslims"But, will the final withdrawal of this plan as well as the entry prohibition?

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