Ruling civil rights protection violations to 7 companies for posting age / sex discrimination job ads on Facebook


Naassom Azevedo

Facebook's advertising targeting ruled that the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee violated civil rights protection for the issue of keeping job ads from being seen by women and the elderly .

Employers Used Facebook to Keep Women and Older Workers From Seeing Job Ads.The Federal Government Thinks That's Illegal. — ProPublica

In the United States, the law prohibits applicants from being classified by race, religion, gender, country of origin, or age when applying for a job. However, it was sued that Facebook's targeted advertising was used to circumvent this law and to recruit jobs for specific audiences.

The view that job advertisements using Facebook are regarded as problems as `` displaying job advertisements targeted at young people '' spreads-GIGAZINE

by Hamza Butt

This time, the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee consists of “Nebraska Furniture Mart”, “Renewal by Andersen LLC”, and “Sandhills Publishing Company” based on age and gender, “Capital One”, “Edwards Jones”, “Enterprise Holdings”, “DriveTime Automotive Group” Of the four companies have been identified as having discriminated against each other by age.

Facebook was sued in 2018 for discrimination against targeted ads and settled in March 2019. All advertisements that were pointed out this time were deployed before 2018.

Although ProPublica asked for comments from companies that were pointed out that they had advertised discriminatory advertising, most companies did not respond, and Edward Jones, the financial company, said, `` We discriminate in job advertising, recruitment and employment. I strongly oppose the allegation that the act was done. '

Under the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee, dozens of complaints have been received regarding discrimination in Facebook's targeted advertising, many of which are still pending.

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