A fierce man who made his own Super Mario Bros. with a hand-drawn animated look

With “

Super Mario Maker 2 ” released in June 2019, you can create your own courses with the same skins as past series, or play courses created by players around the world. However, Mario Maker 2 does not cover all Mario works. For example, the TV program ' The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! ' The related works of the club are completely thorough and are fading from the memories of many fans. Such a hard-to-understand “The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!”-Style anime drawing has appeared, and a fierce man who has made a game that can actually be played has appeared.

What if the Super Mario Bros Super Show was a Fully Animated Game?-YouTube

This is the “The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!” Logo.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Is a mix of anime and live-action, with the following animation scenes ...

This is a work that combines live action.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! A fierce man who has made the Super Mario Bros. style side-scrolling action game appear. The game screen is as follows, and the animation-like illustrations that move

nullly reminiscent of Cuphead .

A little fat Mario jumps.

Then, a fire flower appeared from the Hatena block.

When Mario touches the fire flower, the costume turns white ...

Now you can play fireball.

When you dash, the foot part will be the “round leg” that you often see in manga and anime.

The video was created by an animator,

Jesus Lopez . TV anime “ Batman: Brave & Bold ”, action adventure game “ Bloodrain ”, fighting game “ Double Dragon Neon ”, horror adventure game “ Silent Hill ”, 2D side scrolling action game “ Shanty: Half Genie Hero” ”, A professional animator who has been involved in the production of“ The Simpsons: Tapped Out ”and“ Ducktail Remastered Edition ”games for smartphones.

The basic action of Mario jumping ...

Expressed in an animation that connects multiple illustrations.

The colorful stage Mario adventures ...

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! This is a reproduction of pasta land visited by Mario.

From the following rough picture ...

Cartoon- style drawing Mario is born.

Animation is created by combining multiple illustrations, and in the case of Mario, there are 24 types of animation that perform unique actions.

From the maniac action of pulling out the toilet rubber cup ...

Various actions are prepared for the animation that Mario hurts, so Lopez's workload is immeasurable.

Preparing a unique animation behavior for each character is the same as Lopez's production method in “Shanti: Half Genie Hero” of 2D side scrolling action in charge of

rigging work with lead animators and Spine is. In addition to Mario, there are Luigi, Peach, Kinopio and other characters that can be played, each with its own animation.

Of course there are some unusual saws and cribbles that appear in the game ...

It is a faithful reproduction of the original.

Lopez also made his own Super Mario Bros. Super Show on his YouTube channel! The video of the wind game is released. In the explanation column of the video, it is written that `` I created this game in free time for children '' and it is written that I do not intend to sell the game, but the state of Cartoon Mario moving with a slimy Looks pretty high quality.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Video game update # 5-YouTube

Also, check out the videos published by Lopez, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! The oldest movies related to wind games are the following published in March 2016. In other words, the work period is more than 3 years. In the movie, you can see illustration materials used in the game and animations created by combining them.

Part 1.Super Mario Bros.super show video game-Art Animation-YouTube

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