Headline news of December 19, 2016

Ministop was on 20th December 2016 (Tue), its name that Ichigo Ice had toppled frozen strawberries "Luxurious strawberry ice creamWe will release it in limited quantity.

Premium Ice that felt fine quality sweet strawberries attracting adults | Press Release | MINISTOP

This ice cream topped a frozen strawberry full of 1/2 cut and dice cut one by one by hand three-dimensionally on one side of a thick ice bar mixed with strawberry pulp plentifully. According to Ministop's press release, "You can enjoy a combination of thick ice mixed with strawberry pulp and smooth mouthfeel chocolate."

The price is 298 yen including tax, it will be sold in Ministop nationwide but it seems better to get it early as it is quantity limited.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

A completely custom made "William & amp; Son's shotgun" which took thousands of hours to completion is thus made - GIGAZINE

"Kimono Archive (Kimono Archive)" that allows you to see antique kimono images for free and post your own kimono - GIGAZINE

Google president Eric Schmidt insists on the necessity of censorship of hate and harassment expression to make a "better net" - GIGAZINE

"Routine of geniuses" summarizing the daily habits that 161 geniuses had done - GIGAZINE

The story reported that "High school students earned about 8.5 billion yen by investing" was a complete deterime - GIGAZINE

Amazon launches "Prime Now" service that Potch products arrive in one hour - GIGAZINE

I tried using 'Nyannucou' which hides the scratches of the cute pretty - GIGAZINE

A movie truly running a car made by assembling more than 500,000 LEGO - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Private and JAXA jointly consider resource development on the moon | NHK News

Still more for all the researchers | Taro Kono Official Site of the House of Representatives

Impact of global warming, also to Santa? Reindeer as an Endangered Species: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Science clip · "Birth of adhesive that can be peeled off with light even though it is strong" | SciencePortal

It sticks to where you want to stick, peel off immediately when you want to peel off, and no traces of peeling remain. Adhesive strong enough to be used industrially, born in July this year, with ease of peeling reminiscent of such a sticky note.

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Osprey to resume flight in full from 2 pm on the afternoon | NHK News

Fisheries Agency after Complete Defeat at International Conference - YOICHI MOGI

Voices of experts to WCPFC (International Conference of Tuna) - Toshio Katsukawa Official Site

Hakamada incident closely approaching without going to the toilet, interrogation Detailed content: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Hakamada said that when he stood on the testimony at the trial Shizuoka District Court trial, he often did not let him (urinate), he did not do it properly "" It is said to be done at the corner of the interrogation room I tested that it was forced to urinate in the interrogation room.

In response, the interrogator who appeared as a witness denied saying "There is no such thing".

There was also a sound which seems to be a conversation with a lawyer who came to contact with Mr. Hakamada on the tape. About this, the lawyers are already asking the High Court to disclose evidence about the circumstances of the recording, saying, "It is an infringement of a secret traffic right with a lawyer guaranteed by the Criminal Procedure Code."

Regarding recording of contacts, Mr. Hakamada himself submitted to the Supreme Court in 1969 the bidding letter of intent, "If the criminal tells a lawyer he will kill him at a later time and he will tap into (interview) We are also appealing to them. "

Mr. Hideyo Ogawa, Secretary General of the Lawyers Association, said, "Even for toilets and eavesdropping, I have proven that Mr. Hakamada's case was true," evaluates the contents of the tape. In addition, "The high court acknowledges that there was serious illegal activity in the investigation and wants us to start retrial promptly."

Reason why Putin visits was successful in the Northern Territories "No progress" | "Justice" seen from Russia "Rebels" Putin's Challenge | Diamond Online

Nuclear accident compensation burden Reproductive energy promotion municipality opposes | NHK News

Northern Agency for Cultural Affairs Kyoto relocation to five places to go to next August | NHK News

Nishinomiya Mayor: "Smoking in middle and high school days smoking" declined to withdraw remarks City Council - Mainichi Newspaper

Seven people arrested for cannabis cultivation in private houses Vietnamese living in: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Fear! I want to teach to children ... the world after 20 years | More Access! More Fun!

The next presidential aircraft, Mr. Trump, "Cancel" remark GE "No effect"

Why did Tokyo Olympic budget expand to 3 trillion yen? | President Online | PRESIDENT Online

【Video】 China's "Futuristic Massive Bus", possibility of entering the store - Autoblog Japan version

Mr. Obama told Russian President "To stop it", 3 retaliation declaration declarations of cyber attacks International news: AFPBB News

China criticizes rice "counterbalanced" response to the return of the unmanned submersible of the US Navy Photo 1 International News: AFPBB News

Enjoy true France? Eiffel tower with strike closure 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

President Mugabe at the age of 92, President elected to the Presidential Horse in 2018 Zimbabwe Photo 3 International News: AFPBB News

Columbia crash pilot pilot, lack of flight training or photo 1 international news: AFPBB News

Dutoute president, the use of a powerful painkiller Health concerns recognized as well 1 photo International news: AFPBB News

Kitakyushu's space theme park "Space World" closed, end of 2005 recession news - recession .com

However, if customer's feet declined due to diversification of leisure etc, we applied for application of civil rehabilitation law in 2005, after that management was transferred to another company aiming for reconstruction, but due to depressed personal consumption due to economic downturn As the number of visitors continued to decline, it seems that we abandoned the business continuation and decided to close the curtain to the 27-year history.

As for the facility, because ___ skate link which ice picked fish in November this year was criticized, I was calling ripples such as stopping sales of ice rink.

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Peach Aviation CEO "Business talks about 90%" | President Online | PRESIDENT Online

In short, I thought that the edges are standing and that "stinging words" will remain in the hearts of people. If it does not get stuck, that word enters from the right of the ear and goes to the left. I do not get a good idea as to how much my boss has raised a stereotype of saying "cost down". We are saying "we are going".

【Video】 Porsche teaches "correct pronunciation of Porsche" for English speaking people! - Autoblog Japanese version

How to pronounce Porsche. - YouTube

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Wooden Human Drawing Doll's Daydream

The lamentation of the organizer of the workshop "There are a lot of creamers participating in free holdings, there are few people who clean up the garbage, when I got the money, this was not the case ..." - Togetter Summary

The crisis of scholarship "dropping refugees" --- It is impossible to graduate after chasing bytes - Yahoo! News

When the driver uses a smartphone while waiting for a customer to enter a complaint from an unrelated person to the company "This is a stupid" - Togetter Summary

"Do not remove yakitori from skewers" Pros and cons for appeal of eating places: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Edogawa Ranpo & Hagiwara Sakutaro, riding a revolving horse for the first time to the gay bar ... a gangster's dialogue @ Maebashi literature museum Summary - Togetter Summary

The deposit savings are subject to legacy Supreme Court reviews the case: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Scholarship Bankruptcy" Youth and Championship Family | NHK NEWS WEB

Household financial assets at the end of September, 1752 trillion yen increase for the first time in three quarters: Asahi Newspaper Digital

Tesla, charge overcharge introduced ... "Response (Response.jp)" "

Legendary Sniper of the former US Army ranger teaches "How to make equipment to make strategy successful" - Millbro News

Summary of USJ's New Area "Super Nintendo World". Will Mario Kart be the most advanced technology ride? - Travel Research Institute Tabirisu

JA8094's aircraft Diary - The shortest A 380 route in the world is born. (Rev 1)

It will be coverage from CNN news, but the shortest A380 route in the world was born.
That route, from Dubai of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
On the route between Qatar's capital Doha (Hamad International Airport)
The airline to operate is Emirates Airlines, the flight distance is 379 kilometers.

Yamaha Motor accepts reservations for circuit-driven exclusive model "YZF-R1" for limited time-limited order production | Response (Response.jp)

The price is 2,520,000 yen.

We are also looking for "the most comfortable" new car name in the night bus "Dream" between Keihansin and Tokyo |

Appeal "Stop parking without permission", orders for compensation of 200 yen ... the significance of bringing a trial even at "cost collapse" - lawyer dot com

【Video】 The Taiwanese government destroyed illegally imported Lamborghini "Murcielago" in pieces with heavy machinery! - Autoblog Japanese version

Video: Vintage biplane race, South Africa photo to the final destination 1 international news: AFPBB News

Vintage biplane race, to the final destination South Africa Vintage planes end epic 13,000-km adventure in Cape Town - YouTube

World record holder of blood donor Man who saved 2 million newborns in 60 years - Logmy

To Osaka Abe Nobashi station to introduce rope lift type home fence introduction Kintetsu | Riding News

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
This article is written on December 7th. | Confession of former director and fraudster "Mr. Kimura" of the listed company

"Animal extermination" image, posted by high school students ... Protest against school: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

When the school asked about the situation on 18th, the students said "The animals are badgers, the flower beds of my house were destroyed around July, so when I hit the stick twice, I died, I did not think there would be such a fuss." He explained that.

A writer writes "The article which wrote to the curation site nanapi became private, and the article is released as an article in the name of the editorial department" ... amazing ... - Togetter Summary

Apology from nanapi editorial department | nanapi [ナ ナ ピ]

We recently found that there was a mistake in service operation in nanapi, and posting articles that the author display was not appropriate. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to our writers and users.

Buy AirPods. Arrived. Opening photos, pairing. Easy review. That was a good purchase? - Vision Mission Growth Blog

Pixive and Sakura jointly developed cloud image conversion service, why ImageFlux was born - pixiv inside

Add Blackberry to open automatic driving vehicle research center | Reuters

Official Gazette Blog: Abema TV Convocation Notice (Phase 2)

Google Developers Japan: Change your email signature with the Gmail API

If LINE does not stop Naver's copyright infringement, I will stop reprinting to BLOGOS and e-mail magazine | More Access! More Fun!

I analyzed curation media such as WELQ from the viewpoint of copyright law | STORIA law firm blog

[Illustrated] Reason why deep learning which is understood by one piece is noticed: IT solution cram school: Alternative · blog

"Breakout List" summarizing companies that will break in 2017 | 100 SHIKI

Why co-working is booming in China - THE BRIDGE (THE BRIDGE)

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)

TV anime "Re: CREATORS (Re Creator)" Tiza PV - YouTube

TV anime "Sakura Quest" Tiza PV - YouTube

TV Animation "Sorry Not to Hurl Up Kata ♭" 1st PV - YouTube

"Dragon Quest XI seeking time to pass" opening video - YouTube

PS 4 version, Nintendo 3DS version "Dragon Quest XI seeking time to pass" Actual machine video - YouTube

"Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Ai no Senshi" Chapter 1 Preliminary Notice (15 seconds ver.) - YouTube

【Super Mario Run] Why does the kid hate this game so far? → TL convinced with the answer given by parents raising children "That can not be helped" - Togetter Summary

People who develop opinion about "I can not read comprehension ability even by reading Ranobe" - Togetter Summary

Episode that Mr. Yasuo Otsuka was appearing in theatrical feature animation "In this corner of this world" - Togetter Summary

Director Shinkai Makoto, "Your name is" is a combination of elements to sell "Rebut against criticism" You should do it so easily "- BIGLOBE News

Student · Osamu Tezuka's handwritten illustration discovered Second generation Chunchi requested by Asahi Shimbun Digital

Low cost of surprise! If you make a game using a map game map SDK | Zenrin DataCom Co., Ltd.

My only "Tachikoma" brought up by the first step application to the world of popular anime series "Ghost in the Shell" will be served at a real shop! "Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. 1/2 Size Tachikoma Realize Project" Communication robot Tachikoma's commodity delivery service test demonstration experiment held in Tokyo and Osaka from December 23 (Friday, congratulation)

Pokemon Go for Apple Watch will soon appear.

"I will paste a reaction image for when I saw" lewd "content" overseas reaction |

Why is it so. There are so many people who naturally say "free of charge" about games: no castle

I'm getting tired of fastest by clearing "Super Mario Run" fastest The game is not reading comprehension - Because the sun was dazzling

Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 4 "Loss" 2.25 Theater screening first bulletin PV - YouTube

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
How and when did the word 'underground idle' begin to be used | bxjp | note

In Kashima Antlers who chased Real Madrid to "Takaraba", the one that wants "overwhelming real" as Kashima traditional hope. : Sports See what one speaks ~ Fumo Hmo column

"Twin · Peaks" new series releases new video David Lynch decides to re-appear Gordon · Cole - amass

Michael Schumacher's condition "There is no way to announce it in the future" [F1-Gate.com]

Williams coverage with Felipe Massa with an official offer of 700 million yen 【F1-Gate.com】

Mercedes retired by Nico Rosberg has moved to Williams' Valteri Bottus as a replacement.

Next season, Williams who appoints a newcomer Reims Stroll makes remarks to allow the transfer of Barteli Bottas if "able to acquire an experienced and reliable successor".

So it is Felipe · Massa who declared F1 retirement as long as the season is the reason why the arrow of the white feather stands.

F1 retirement withdrawal report Felipe · Massa makes meaningful remarks 【F1-Gate.com】

Felipe · Massa reported on Twitter that she will go out with her family on Christmas holidays. Among them, I hinted that using pictographs there are things to think about during the holidays.

"It's time to go on vacation! It's time to have fun, relax, (think) ..."

Two goals that made Real become "serious", Masako "The eyes were different" | Gexaca [Kodansha]

"It was a battle where Shibasaki Mountain got its name" overseas reaction to the club World Cup finals Summary: Domestica blog

【Spanish media】 Who is he? Attention to Shibasaki Mountain as soon as possible! "Only 250 million yen!"

Leonardo in former Kashima, proud of being involved in part of feat "Japanese in a leap forward to the old nest" | Football King

[Zidane coach] Evaluate Kashima 's fighting attitude! "There are some players who can play in Riga"

96: Samurai 24: 2016 / December 18 (Sunday) 23: 40: 54.24 ID: xh 2 Nh 2 XJ 0
When the extension came out, the difference appeared virtually
I could have won only in the second half
I remembered Hainan vs Ayanan

123: Samurai 24: 2016 / December 18 (Sunday) 23: 43: 02.13 ID: fujexmDe 0
>> 96
I will stop stretching with extensions
Moreover, the continuation of the battle continues

163: Samurai 24: 2016/12/18 (Sunday) 23: 47: 04.36 ID: CvH 2 HWBa 0
>> 96
It was a final result like real vs Atletico in the CL final
The other team will have decided the match in 90 minutes and the remaining strength will not be left anymore

186: Samurai 24: 2016 / December 18 (Sunday) 23: 50: 13.13 ID: tUxaFeKN 0
>> 163
I guess. Seriously it seemed like I could win the second half Last 5 minutes. I would have won if I was deciding Endo over there. I thought that it would be impossible to replace once it got extended.
Well, I could not think of such a thing before the game (lol)

◆ CWC viewer rating ◆ Finals Real Kashima war Average 26.8% Moment maximum 36.8% Chronicled highest record! Urawa x Milan beyond

871: U - Nameless Mr. live comment · \ (^ o ^) / 2016 / December 19 (Monday) 09: 58: 38.41 ID: 5 cFrqlIhd
The moment highest top 5

1 SMAP public execution execution Fuji Television 37.2%
2 CWC Real × Madrid NTV 36.8%
3 24 Hour Television Flat Goal Nippon TV 35.5%
4 Hakone Ekiden outbound route NTV 35.1%
5 Japan Series 6th Japan Telub 34.8%

Kyoto Koji makes a rage on the judgment of suspicion of club World Cup final at Nittele "Refresh!": Domosaka Blog

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
"Nisshinbo king PREMIUM shark's fin soup taste" (released on January 2) | Nissin Food Group

"Kobe Port Opening 150th Anniversary Beef Curry Noodle" (released on January 2) | Nissin Food Group

News Releases | Corporate Information | Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd.

Ultra-real, high-quality sound recording video camera, ZOOM Q2n is fun! : Fujimoto Ken's "DTM station"

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