"Hydrogen water" can be expected by drinking "hydration", the National Life Center announces survey results such as hydrogen concentration

Rakuten market · Amazon · Yahoo! Shopping When searching for "hydrogen water" and "hydrogen water generator", there are many opportunities to be seen by consumers in the upper part as "selling order" by type, etc. The National Life Center of Independent Administrative Institution announced the results of 10 tested bottles and 9 producers that sought to produce possible hydrogen water and hydrogen water, and a total of 19 brands tested.

There is no official definition etc. in 'Hydrogen water' - 'Hydrogen water' drinking made in containers and generators, dissolved hydrogen concentration varies - (Presentation information) _ National Lifestyle Center

Firstly, according to the report, the bottled hydrogen water that was the object this time is as follows.

◆ Aluminum pouch
No.1: Nano Hydrogen Water Kiyorabi (KIYORA KIKUCHI)
No. 2: High concentration nano hydrogen water spasia (Spasia Corporation)
No.3: active and active hydrogen water (Seven Hearts Co., Ltd.)
No.4: Hydrik Aqua (Hydric Water Co., Ltd.)
No.5: Delicious water with plenty of hydrogen (Melodian Harmony Fine Co., Ltd.)
No. 6: Nanobubble hydrogen water (RUSTADE, J-WATER Co., Ltd.)

◆ Aluminum bottle
No. 7: Hydrogen water H2 (Itoen Co., Ltd.)
No. 8: Hydrogen water beautifully from the body (Chukyo Medical Co., Ltd.)

◆ PET bottle
No. 9: Hydrogen water not escaping 36 (Oku Nagaragawa Name Water Co., Ltd.)
No. 10: Hida Tenshi Water (Teru Hita, Inc.)
※ The item "Bottled mineral water" in the package of goods, "Natural active hydrogen water" with a label. There is no indication of "hydrogen" in raw materials.

The following is a real picture

According to the inspection result of the hydrogen water in the container, "concentration at the time of opening" is indicated in the dissolved hydrogen concentration indication of the package containing the container, 3 of the 5 stocks described as filling and shipping, measured from the indicated value The value was lower, and it is said that dissolved hydrogen (hydrogen gas) was not detected in two brands of PET bottles among three stocks not shown in the package. "No. 9: Hydrogen water 36 not escaping", "No. 10: Hida Tenryu water" is the reason why residual hydrogen was not detected at opening.

The following is the inspection result graph, and surely "No. 9: hydrogen water 36 not escaping" "No. 10: Hida Tenjyu water" has zero residual hydrogen concentration at opening.

Next, for the remaining 8 on which residual hydrogen was detected, it was tested how much hydrogen was released when the lid was closed and opened after opening. When the dissolved hydrogen concentration reached about 30 to 60% after 5 hours , And it has been confirmed that it decreased to about 10% after 24 hours.

Next, not only PET bottles, but also generators which are said to be "to make hydrogen water" have been investigated, and the generator of hydrogen water which was this time is as follows.

◆ Stick type
No. 11: Hydrogen Water Generator H3O Stick (NATURE Corporation)
No. 12: Anyti-H2 (Fuji Instruments Co., Ltd.)

◆ Portable
No.13: Rechargeable portable hydrogen water generator James Silky HWP-33SL (Gouda Water Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd.)
No.14: Rechargeable high concentration hydrogen water generator MyShintousuiBottle-Q (Nippon Engineering Co., Ltd.)
No.15: Mobile hydrogen water bottle Pocket (Flux Corporation)

◆ Stationary type
No. 16: Hydrogen water purifier GAURAmini (Gaura Inc.)
No. 17: High concentration hydrogen water generator Lourdes (Victory Japan Co., Ltd.)

◆ Direct faucet type
No. 18: Continuously Generated Electrolytic Hydrogen Water Regulator TRIM ION HYPER (Nippon Trim Co., Ltd.)
No. 19: Reduced hydrogen water generator TK-HS91 (Panasonic Corporation)
* Nos. 18 and 19 are certified as managed medical equipment (continuous type electrolyzed water generator), and they are connected directly to the tap water and electrolytically decompose drinking water containing calcium ions in the process of flowing water Of alkaline electrolyzed water and acidic electrolyzed water outside drinking. It aims to produce alkaline electrolyzed water for drinking to improve gastrointestinal symptoms.

The following is a real picture

The results are as follows. It seems that there was no hydrogen zero as expected.

It is confirmed that dissolved hydrogen concentration decreases to about 50 to 60% after 1 hour by transferring the water made by the generator to the cup, and it is as shown in the graph below.

Furthermore, on the homepage of the selling agency and the direct sales site, 8 containers out of 10 stocks were generated, 7 generators out of 9 stocks had the description about the efficacy effect expected for hydrogen and hydrogen water ,"Make harmless bad active oxygen which is said to be the cause of various diseases" "Anti-aging effect"It is said that there was a possibility that it can be received as if there is a health maintenance promotion effect such as health, etc. There was a possibility of conflict with the law of medicine medical equipment etc., health promotion law and prize marking law. in addition,"Apply hydrogen water to the itchy part" "Blood thalassara" "Protect from aging" "Hydrogen reaching every corner of the body will wash out the whole body" "Unstable hydrogen quickly enters the body It goes around the whole body, reacts with bad lotus active oxygen, it becomes harmless water and it is discharged outside the body. "In some cases there are descriptions that can be accepted as health promotion enhancement effect, etc., such as health promotion effect, etc. These are also said to be in violation of the law of medicine medical equipment etc., health promotion law and premium labeling law.

And when I asked these 15 companies what effect I could expect from drinking,The effect expected by the drinking of hydrogen water is "hydration"Was the most frequent answer.

As a conclusion, the National Life Center said, "There is no public definition of hydrogen water and the concentration of dissolved hydrogen varies, and those that are permitted and reported as food for specified health use (Tokuho) There is currently no concentration. "" It is not necessarily the concentration at the time of drinking when there is the dissolved hydrogen concentration displayed in the package of hydrogen water in containers at the time of filling or shipping.In addition, the hydrogen water generator There is an indication that it varies depending on water quality, water quantity, etc. It does not necessarily become the concentration as indicated. "" Hydrogen gas (hydrogen molecule) dissolved in water is made after opening the container or after making it with a hydrogen water generator It will gradually escape with the passage of time ".

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