Various questions and answers from each press to the "water energy system" that is useful for judging authenticity, and the conclusion at the present moment

"It made it possible to draw current from waterIf the announcement "real" is trueLaw of conservation of energyThere is a possibility of defeatingPermanent organization, OrFree energy equipmentThe momentum likely to be "Water energy systemHowever, in the workplace, since the people of each press had been placing a lot of Tsukkom in the representative director, I will list the communication below.

Questions and answers from each press to the "water energy system" that is useful for judging authenticity, and the conclusion at the present time is as follows (2008/06/13 1:32, add a figure of the patent. 2008/06/13 2:00, additional posting. 2008/06 / 13 9: 54, Add an article by Nikkei. 2008/06 / 13 11: 35, movie addition).
It was just after this movie that the question was flooded. Let's listen to this commentary first.

Explanation of electric vehicle equipped with "water energy system"

The number of doubts and doubts overflowing from this point immediately below is the contents of the question and answer.

Q: Do you say that you only need to refill the amount of water evaporated?
A: That's right. Regarding this, I also recycle water, not dripping, but I use it again through a filter.

Q: I think that being evaporated means that the temperature is rising, but how much does the body itself generate heat?
A: There is exhaust heat. It can rise up to 80 degrees. It will not rise any further. There is no such thing if there is no waste heat loss at all, so it is a waste if it says wastefulness. If you are at home you can water boil in that part.

Q: How many water tanks are there?
A: It's 2 liters.

Q: How long can you keep running for a while?
A: It's about seven hours.

Q: What kind of water do you use?
A: Extremely extreme things can be said, rainwater can be good, and even Yodo River (a river flowing in Osaka) may be water, but in the form of the present apparatus it is not spending money so that impurities Because there is a possibility of getting into trouble by going into various places of the place, I am using water without impurities right now.

Q: Is it a technology that has the potential to generate electricity forever as long as water does not go away from the earth?
A: I think that's the case, yes.

Q: Is that a breakthrough?
A: I think that the hydrogen fuel cell itself is considerably innovative, but I think that hydrogen and energy are not connected easily, but then it is not that big leap. Also, methanol direct type fuel cells are very similar in that they are supplied to the stack, but it is not to supply hydrogen to the stack after taking out hydrogen but to supply the liquid to the stack There are also pioneers in the meaning and I think that we basically come out of the same flow of technology.

Q: Oxygen comes out from the fuel electrode side. How do you recycle that oxygen?
A: We are taking out from the air instead of oxygen. It reacts with oxygen in the air.

Q: O2 (oxygen) comes out as water decomposes on the other side. Does that mean that O2 will go out as it is?
A: Yes. It is dripping as it is.

Q: I think that there is a problem of using ice in Hokkaido etc. It will freeze, though.
A: Use antifreeze. Antifreeze contains alcohols, does not it? In that case, I think that it is possible to understand immediately that it is possible by being very close to the world of methanol direct.

Q: I think that it is quite difficult to take out hydrogen from water with a catalytic reaction, but what can we do if we devise anything?
A: The reaction to generate hydrogen from water has been known for about six chemical formulas since 100 years ago. I did not discover something new chemical formula. More than that is a company secret. I talked to the reporters a while ago, but it was about 1 or 2 years ago in the productAqua FairyDo you know that?A venture company made with NTT was madeIt was made for charging the mobile phone, and if we supply water it will generate electricity. In principle it looks quite similar, it puts something like a tea bag mainly made of aluminum powder in water to take out hydrogen. It took about 30 hours for the tea bag to come off, so please change it again. The basic idea is similar.

Q: Actually, how many liters of this is full and how many kilometers can you drive?
A: I have never tried running yet. I do not know where it is. If it does not supply it it is around 2 hours. I wonder how far we can go between two hours, for example if you ride on a highway and run at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, you probably will be able to run for 2 hours perhaps. However, it is somewhat difficult if it repeats stop & go in town, but it is fine to use electricity almost without using it while it is stopped, but since it will be used again when going off, normal urban driving I do not know if the fuel consumption is good or bad.

Q: How much did it cost to make this car?
A: It's about 10 million yen including all. I was wondering how much money could be sold by another reporter, but the answer depends on how much cost reduction can be done by the manufacturer of the electric car. I think that as a goal I would like to make it within one 500,000 yen, preferably within 200,000 yen, about one tenth of vehicle price.

Q: The output at 500,000 yen is about 500 watts?
A: It's 500 watts.

Q: Double if it is 1 kilowatt?
A: No, if it is 1 kilowatt, it is roughly 680,000 yen for solar power generation. Beyond that it is not worth the market. Our goal is within 1 kW 500,000 yen. If you say just 500 watts you want to about 200,000 yen.

Q: Are not you doing something like taking a patent, announcing it to an academic society or announcing it to an academic journal?
A: We have applied for patents. However, it is very troublesome part of the technology which we are making black box even as we have, and whether to disclose it is very troubling as a company.

Q: You have not announced yet?
A: I have not announced it. That is the first presentation in this sense. There are things that I looked at various user companies privately.

Q: Have you decided on some more companies to partner with?
A: I have not decided. Rather, we are specializing in the device that supplies electricity, so we do not want to make this car and because we do not want to make home electric appliances, so that manufacturer I would like to build a cooperative relationship without violating the territory. Moreover, since there is also a part that we are talking to overseas manufacturers who have been cooperating from before, we think that we would like to take care of them as well.

Q: If this becomes mass production, does your company mass-produce?
A: I think that we will continue to produce more core parts of the core stack part that we saw earlier. Specifically, we will manufacture MEA (membrane / electrode assembly) parts at our company. There is no necessity to produce with separators, gawa, peripheral devices and so on at our company.

The situation when the above-mentioned question and answer was done was as follows. Since some of them are omitted when writing, please see those movies for more accuracy.

Water energy system Q & A 1

Water energy system Q & A 2

Water energy system Q & A 3

GIGAZINE has asked the following two points.

Q: What is the life expectancy when I operate 24 hours a day, 365 days, keeping supplying water constantly?
A: I think that it is about 5 years. However, it has not been two years since the development machine has been made yet, and since the actual test is ongoing, it is not clearly numerical, but basically since the parts are used on the market, We are predicting based on the lifetime of the part.

Q: Questions about water to use
A: Regarding water quality, it is a filter problem. Basically, it is only necessary to have H2O, so if it says the extreme, "sea water" is OK. However, we are currently using high purity water because we do not place emphasis on filters due to problems such as cost.

Furthermore, although it is not currently on the site of Genepak Inc., until yesterday it is said that "Press_20080612.pdf"This announcement is the chairperson of the town development section of the Democratic Party-independent net parliamentary group"Takahiro NakagawaRepresentative and Chairman of the Environmental Agriculture and Forestry DepartmentMori MoriRepresentative also attended.

This is a briefing program

In addition, the inventor was described as follows.

It will look like this if you quote it as text.

Inventor profile

Water energy system inventor
Chairman and CEO of Genepax Corporation
Mitsuru Suematsu (Suematsu Mitsuru)

February 13, 1943
April 1961 Graduated from Oita Prefectural Azayin High School
April 1961 Joined Yawata Steel Corporation
December 1973 Leaving Yawata Steel Corporation
May 1976 Started research and development of far infrared rays
April 1980 Started research on water energy system
April 1985 Started collaborative research with far-infrared radiation with Saitama Prefecture Industrial Technology Research Institute
August 1987 Development of circulating hot water bath for domestic use
April 1993 joint development of Zexel Corporation and thermal storage mat
Start selling to Nissan Diesel, Isuzu Motors, Hino Motors.
April 1994 Development of gas turbine generator started
May 1995 Development of energy saving motor started
1996 Development of water circulation type waste disposal device
June, 1996 Development of packaging material separation device for waste food
Jul. 1996 Development of low temperature dryer
October 1996 Development of packing material sorting car for packaged food
August 1997 Development of electric truck
June 2004 Successful power generation by Water Energy System (WES)

Mr. Suematsu Mr. Masaru Suematsu who invented this water energy system, but "Ochanomizu University"ofTominaga laboratoryThere seems to be someone who examined the patent at the bulletin board on the site of.

[26134] Patent publication

I have examined [26145]

[26149] It's just a fake

[26150] There is no shortage afterwards> Fuel Cell Moddoki

By the way, this was actually happening during demonstration.

At first it was shining brightly ... ...

It stopped shining along the way. that?


I do not light up even if I connect it again.

But the meter is moving as usual, I do not know the reason

Expand only the meter part

I gave up already. What trouble ... ....

Also, although there is actually a "water battery" actually, it is completely different from this one, and it is already on the market.

The 19th "Water Battery" volume - ECO JAPAN - nikkei BPnet Environment Portal

Water battery that generates electricity when you insert today's dish of water

Energy from water! Is it? - World Business Satellite / WORLD BUSINESS SATELLITE: TV TOKYO

By the way, it has nothing to do with this case, but each media got a big deal of "Just by putting an adapter in your mobile phone, mobile phone will be converted to IP phone, even if it goes anywhere, fixed at 4,500 yen per month!There was a fuss before. In this case TBS is in the news forest and NEWS 23 etc "This technology is impossible (question remains)"It is appealed by reporting and it is tried, ultimately the company that claims to have made this mysterious adapterDebt amount over 2 billion yenSelf-bankruptcy, JM-NET real manager, JM - NET real manager, Takeshi Oba, who was the mainstay of this uproar, acknowledged the indictment at the Tokyo District Court 's first trial, and half of the 1.5 billion yen resale of the stock to the organized crime groups It was revealed the fact that it was being used for repaying the debt.

In this time, as in the case of the JM-NET above, investment on this technology was promoted at the venue, or there were no such profitable talks, but if such a convenient catalyst really existed, If it is truly possible to decompose a stable substance "water", it is undoubtedly "a great discovery of the century", so we immediately gather the authority of the academic society and gather the certification Should not it be announced after making it in a verifiable form by a third party. At the moment there are too many doubts in the content, so regrettably "Pseudo-science"We are out of the field of treatment. If you are really thinking about the future of the planet and the environment, I would like you to clarify the catalysts etc of that "trade secret". Sorry until they become clearI can not believe in "water energy system".

06/13/2008 1:32 Addendum
According to the story from the reader, the contents of the patent application of this "water energy system" are written in the following PDF file.

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To propose a water energy system capable of performing power generation using pure water as fuel at room temperature.

SOLUTION: The water energy system 1 has a structure in which a fuel electrode 3 and an oxygen electrode 4 are opposed to each other with a catalyst 2 therebetween, as in a general fuel cell. As the fuel electrode 3, a sintered body of zeolite, coral sand, and carbon black fine particle powder carrying platinum is used, and as the oxygen electrode 4, ruthenium is used as a sintered body of zeolite and carbon black fine particle powder It uses a supported one. When pure water 5 is supplied to the fuel electrode 3 and air is sent to the oxygen electrode 4, electricity is generated at room temperature.

This figure is shown.

And the point is this sentence.

As shown in the figure, the water energy system 1 has a structure in which a large number of cells having a structure in which the fuel electrode 3 (anode) and the oxygen electrode 4 (cathode) are disposed so as to sandwich the catalyst 2 are connected in series ing. Only one cell is shown in the figure. The pure water 5 is directly supplied to the fuel electrode 3, and the hydrogen contained therein is electrolyzed into hydrogen ions and minus electrons by the catalyst. Air is supplied from the outside to the other oxygen electrode 4, and the oxygen contained therein undergoes a reduction reaction with hydrogen ions by the catalyst to produce water.The generated water is circulated to the side of the fuel electrode 3 via a recovery passage (not shown).

Other things below.

Easy Patent Search - Search Result List

06/13/2008 2:00 Addendum
It seems that it was also introduced in "Tokyo Business Satellite" of TV Tokyo.

Car running in water [08/6/12] - World Business Satellite: TV Tokyo

You can also watch on YouTube.

YouTube - Electric car running only with water? ...

In addition, I wrote about the manufacture and sale of things which seems to be the water energy system of this time in "Management Innovation Plan of Management Innovation Support Law" on the homepage of Osaka prefecture.

Management innovation support law Management innovation plan approved company (November 2004)

2008/06/13 9:54 Addendum
It seems that this water energy system was introduced in alarming TV of Fuji TV. In addition, Nikkei Electronics makes articles on the following pages.

"We continue to generate electricity only with water and air," Genepax demonstrates new fuel cell system - Green car - Tech - On!

2008/06/13 11:35 Addendum
It seems that the program which seems to be "news scramble" of Yomiuri Television was broadcasted with the feeling as below. The color of water ... ....

YouTube - Choku www! Announcing a car running with water! The ultimate eco car ☆

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