I went to see a new generation system "Water Energy System" that made it possible to extract electric current from water

I can hardly believe it, butGenepax"The company that generates electricity by supplying water directly"Water Energy SystemIt is said that he succeeded in developing "WES" (abbreviation).

This is based on the development of a so-called hydrogen fuel cell, and it is said that compared with a hydrogen fuel cell, the cost of hydrogen generation is lower and there is no emission of CO 2. Also, because there is no safety problem concerning storage, it is expected that it will be widely spread. Is it true?

So, I went to the briefing session held at the 2nd floor of the Osaka prefectural parliamentarian hall from 10:30 am today. On the day, a demonstration using this system and a car actually running using this system appeared. I also took a picture of that situation. Details are as below.
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I came to the assembly hall, but something is put on it

This is the car that can actually run by the water energy system

I will send it in the movie later, so please look forward to the actual running.

And this is a demonstration system of water energy system

The place was full of people. Fortunately, as lawmakers and reporters packed more than we thought, we could not even enter the hall temporarily. It is drawing attention.

The explanation of the actual system is as follows.

Company Profile

Background of development

Present state of energy in Japan

Evolution of Japan's energy, now hydrogen fuel cells are attracting attention

Features of this water energy system. Because it uses water, it can be mounted on moving vehicles such as cars and boats. Easy to install in existing houses etc. Moreover, it will be able to supply electricity soon even in the event of a disaster.

Comparison between water energy system and hydrogen fuel cell

Structure of the stack. Developed part of MEA with proprietary technology.

Cell structure

Mechanism of power generation. The point is the part of the catalyst.

The mechanism of power generation is easier to see by animation

Structure of electric vehicle with water energy system

Introduction of water energy system. Automobiles, transportation vehicles, ships, homes, office buildings and so on.

Since fossil fuel is not used, there is no emission of carbon dioxide, which prevents global warming

Even when a disaster such as an earthquake occurs, it can be used as a private power generation device or it can be used as an emergency power generation device

According to Kiyoshi Hirasawa, Representative Director, he wants to cooperate with automobile manufacturers to make electric vehicles equipped with this water energy system.

·Question-and-answer session
Q: Question from "Nikkei Electronics". Although hydrogen is eventually moving in the cell, is it the catalyst to convert water into hydrogen ions? How many watts can you make with 1 liter of water? How long is the life span?
A: The place of hydrogen generation is according to the question, physical energy and electric energy are not added and only the reaction by the catalyst is done. 0.7 Volts per cell, related to the area of ​​the cell in terms of watts, 120 watts in a stack with blue covering, 40 cells in it. In terms of output it is around 6 to 7 amperes. It is possible to say 500 watts in total and 1 kilowatt.

Q: In the case of 120 watts, how much water is necessary?
A: In the blue stack, 250 cc runs for about 1.5 hours all the time. It is not easy to say because it is too big for the size of the device, but if it is a white stack it is bigger than this, so it moves for about 7 hours with 2 liters.

Q: Question from "Environment Business". How does a car move?
A: The power of the car itself is an electric motor, which generates electric energy in the white box.

Q: How fast can you run with 1 liter, how much will you get out of speed?
A: Run 1 liter and run for about an hour. I think that it would be better to experiment at the speed with the circuit etc, but I have been out until about 80 kilometers per hour.

Q: Are you using rare metal?
A: I use rare metals used in hydrogen fuel cells, but they are not used from hydrogen fuel cells. Since carbon monoxide is not generated, durability is also more durable than ordinary hydrogen fuel cells and methanol fuel cells.

Q: How much is the price on a stack loaded on a car
A: It's handmade, but now it costs about 2 million yen. On a spreading basis, it should be only one tenth. It is always cheaper than hydrogen fuel cell. Since it is unnecessary to store a device for hydrogen storage or the like, it becomes cheaper by that much.

So, let's take a look at the movie showing how this demonstration system is actually running and how the car runs.

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