Electric cars that can run with water and air will be put to practical use from Renault / Nissan in around 2017

Represented by the Toyota PriusHybrid carOverflowing throughout the city, and traveling like 100% electricity like Nissan · LEAFEV(Full EV) has come to be seen more often, but this time it will run with water and air as a fuel "Air Aluminum Battery CarThe development of "is progressing. In 2017Renault-Nissan AllianceThis technology which became clear that it is going to be put to practical use by means of this technology is to supply ordinary water to the tank instead of conventional gasoline and use electric power generated when reacting with aluminum as energy , Theoretically it is possible to keep running at a distance of 1,600 km without stopping.

Renault-Nissan To Use Phinergy's Aluminum-Air Battery - HybridCars.com

An Electric Car That Can Travel 1,600 Kilometers Unveiled By Alcoa And ...

It was based on Israel that I developed a vehicle that can be said as the ultimate eco car running with water and airPhinergy(Finnish) and one of the world's leading aluminum and related product manufacturersAlcoa(Alcoa) "is a Canadian corporationAlcoa CanadaDevelopment team. Vehicles equipped with air aluminum batteries developed by both companies have already completed their experiments and have been working with F1 Canada's GP in Quebec, CanadaJill · Villeneuve · CircuitDemonstration runs are also underway.

The state of the demonstration running is contained in the following movie.

Alcoa-Phinergy electric car demonstration at Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve - YouTube

Test vehicle used for running demonstration. The base has been developed by a joint venture company by Toyota and PSA · Peugeot Citroën and sold by CitroenCitroen · C1It is seen. On the left door, the red logo of Phinergy is designed.

On the other side Alcoa logo was visible.

The trunk part is equipped with an air aluminum battery system.

The battery module that is showing the black figure is the main system of the system. Exact size, weight, etc. are not disclosed, but two modules connecting 25 units are arranged at the top and bottom, and it consists of 50 units in total.

I entered the course of Gilles Villeneuve Circuit full of green.

A vehicle that runs smoothly.

Although it seems that it was not going to run at the racing speed as expected, it seems that it is going smoothly around the course with four crew members.

Technical development is proceeding to a high level toward practical application in 2017.

The system of "Air Aluminum Battery Vehicle" developed by Phinergy and reached the point of practical use is explained in the following movie.

Phinergy drives car by metal, air, and water - YouTube

Air aluminum batteryIs a battery that generates electricity by reacting oxygen in the air with aluminum. Although the mechanism was known for a long time, various hurdles were standing for practical use.

Inside the battery, a thin aluminum plate is held as a negative electrode (Metal Anode), and water to be an electrolyte (Electrolyte) and a layer of air as a cathode (Air Cathode) are arranged It is structured. In ordinary batteries, it is necessary to use metal for the positive electrode as well, but this time it was developed a technology to replace it with air, it is possible to greatly reduce the weight, realize a high weight energy density and a long cruising It was decided to get a distance.

Phinergy CEO Aviv Tzidon said the technology brings "a very high energy density" ... ...

"Zero CO2 emissions" that does not emit any carbon dioxide

Such as not giving a burden on the environmentSustainability(Continuability possibility)

And it recites almost 100% recyclability.

Aluminum electrodes used are provided by companies like Alcoaalumina(Aluminum oxide). The aluminum electrode which caused the chemical reaction in the batteryAluminum hydroxideIt changed to. After that it can no longer be used as an electrode. For this reason, Phinergy has created a recycling system in which an aluminum plate is replaced with a replaceable cartridge type, and an aluminum plate which has reached the end of its life is removed and reused. The removed aluminum plate is reprocessed and reused as a new aluminum material (alumina).

A report by a reporter of Bloomberg who actually tried on this vehicle is this movie.

Phinergy 1000 Mile Aluminum Air Battery On The Road In 2017 - YouTube

What I have in hand is an aluminum electrode that is actually used.

When you see the movie, you can see it, but if you subtract a bit flashy, it is a demonstration vehicle that runs like a normal passenger car.

There is no point that changed, especially the state of driving.

And occasionally it is water supply for batteries.

Just like a gasoline car, plug a hose into a water supply tank and pour water into it.

Two people trying to drink water that is actually being supplied. It is one of the features that ordinary water with no harm is used like this. According to Alcoa, water supply necessary for continuing chemical change is normally OK from once every month to two months.

Note that this technology is not limited to applications for automobiles, but can be used in various fields. It is also possible to use it as a backup power supply at the time of power failure or as a standby power supply to secure power supply in the event of a disaster.

As you can see from these movies, the technology of air aluminum battery car seems to have reached quite a practical point. Actually recycling the aluminum board requires a lot of electric power, so it is important to carefully look at what the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions and costs are thinking, but it exists only in the fantasy world It seems to be certain that the moment that "cars running with air and water" will finally be realized is not approaching.

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