In Honda, two "Hydro-Shoes Small Monks" explain the mechanism of fuel cell car with water urine

Honda of the automaker is the most advanced Asia's largest IT and electronics exhibitionCEATEC JAPAN 2014We will also present the booth to the next generation energy sourcesFuel cellWe are proposing mobility and new life style using.

Honda | CEATEC JAPAN 2014 Honda Exhibition Outline

Arrived at the Honda booth. In this booth, the concept of "SUISO JAPAN powered by Honda" is proposed, and cars and living proposals in the coming hydrogen society are being made.

First of all, there are two objects to jump into the eyes, which should also be referred to as "hydrogen short faces small monks". He seems to be on Honda racing car.

It is a bucket ahead of it that aims.

One customer fits in the seat and receives various instructions from the staff and is manipulating various things. Apparently, it shows how to demonstrate how a hydrogen fuel cell car runs.

A fuel cell that uses hydrogen as a fuel is to generate electricity by reacting hydrogen stored in a tank with oxygen in the air. The state that electricity is being generated is displayed on the display.

When they react, molecules combine to produce water. The water made in this way ... ...

It is discharged as "Jojirushiro ~". The water produced is basically clean water that does not contain impurities, and in actual fuel cell vehicles, water is discharged from the muffler instead of the conventional exhaust gas.

A facility for supplying hydrogen to such a fuel cell vehicle is a "smart hydrogen station". Although mock-ups are on display this time, they are said to be about the same size as the actual stations. The required equipment is packaged and the required grounding area is almost the same as the room with 4 tatami mats. Moreover, since the cost required for installation has convenience of about 1/10 of the conventional cost, it is likely to spur further popularity.

As I turned to the back, I saw a tank to store hydrogen gas. It is a merit of the smart hydrogen station that it is not necessary to construct an underground tank like a conventional gas station.

At the Honda booth, we propose a life in the future hydrogen society with three themes "making," "using," and "connecting." The smart hydrogen station is the system that forms the basis of "making", and cooperative ties with Iwatani industries were taken for development.

And the theme of "using" explains the structure of a fuel cell car that generates electricity by using hydrogen made at a smart hydrogen station and uses electricity to run on a motor. The aforementioned racing car was exactly expressing the theme of "using".

Furthermore, the theme of "connecting" proposes a mechanism that uses fuel cell vehicles as "running power plants". Since it is possible to connect a house or the like to a fuel cell car and supply electricity, it is possible to distribute the load at the peak power peak in the summer or to play a role as an emergency power station when a disaster occurs .

Toyota's "Fuel Cell Vehicle"FCVHonda is planning to release it within 2014, Honda has been promoting the development of the company "FCX Clarity"We announced that we will introduce it to the market one step earlier than Toyota. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are indispensable for developing infrastructure such as hydrogen station, but interest is likely to gather for how far the diffusion will progress in the future.

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