Rivian, an EV maker, adopts Tesla's charging standard, further accelerating the unification of charging standards

On June 20, 2023, the American electric vehicle manufacturer ``

Rivian Automotive '' announced that it had agreed to adopt the charging standard of major electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla . By adopting Tesla's charging standard, Rivian's electric vehicle will be able to use the charging station ' Supercharger ' developed by Tesla, and progress will be made to Tesla's goal of 'setting the industry standard for charging standards'. Got it.

Rivian Accelerates Electrification through Adoption of North American Charging Standard

EV maker Rivian to adopt Tesla's charging standard | Reuters


Rivian is the next automaker to adopt Tesla's charging plugs | Ars Technica


On June 20, 2023, Rivian Automotive signed a deal with Tesla, announcing that Rivian drivers will have access to 12,000 Tesla Superchargers in the United States and Canada. Rivian says supercharging will be available through adapters for its R1T pickup trucks and R1S SUVs as early as spring 2024.

In addition, Rivian reports that Tesla's charging method ' North American Charging Standard (NACS)' will be installed as standard in vehicles after 2025.

Rivian Founder and CEO R.J. Scaringe said, 'We are pleased to work with Tesla to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and advance the formation of a carbon-neutral society. Adoption of NACS. This will allow existing and future customers to continue driving Rivian electric vehicles as they always have, while taking advantage of Tesla's vast supercharger capacity.' The company also announced that it will add Supercharger location information to Rivian's mobile and car navigation apps.


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As Toyota and Nissan have adopted a charging standard called ' CHAdeMO ', conventional electric vehicle manufacturers have adopted their own charging standards, making it difficult to unify charging standards among manufacturers. However, in 2022, Tesla will open its own charging method, which has been used since 2012 and is smaller and faster than the conventional charging standard, so that other manufacturers can use it, and named it the 'North American Charging Standard'. After Tesla's opening of the charging standard, Ford Motor Company announced in May 2023 that it will introduce NACS from 2024 and its electric vehicles will be able to use superchargers. Furthermore, in June 2023, General Motors also announced that NACS will be standard equipment from 2025 onwards.

In response to the introduction of NACS by successive electric vehicle manufacturers, Dan Ives, an analyst at investment bank Wedbush Securities, said, ``Tesla will compete by getting the charging infrastructure for American electric vehicles in the future. It seems that there was a '. ``Tesla's move to unify the charging standard by taking the initiative has led to winning the competition in the charging standard for electric vehicles,'' he said.

'It's great to see the electric vehicle industry coming together to adopt NACS,' said Rebecca Tinucci, senior director of charging infrastructure at Tesla.

According to Hacker News, 'One of the great things about NACS is that 'there are no moving parts that the driver has to operate. It will decrease.' Opinion is rising. Another user said, ``I hope the government will encourage manufacturers to introduce a common charging connection port for all electric vehicles, just as all gasoline vehicles have a common refueling port.'' is also stated .

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