Tesla's EV charging connector 'NACS' decided to become an American standard

SAE International, a non-profit organization working on the standardization of automobile-related standards, has announced a standardization plan for the 'North American Charging Standard (NACS)' connector developed by Tesla and being adopted by other automobile manufacturers. bottom. This will enable all manufacturers and suppliers to adopt, manufacture and deploy NACS in their electric vehicles and charging stations across North America.

SAE International Announces Standard for NACS Connector, Charging PKI and Infrastructure Reliability


Tesla's NACS electric vehicle charger is being standardized by the SAE - The Verge


NACS is a standard developed by Tesla, a major EV manufacturer, and was originally called 'Tesla connector'. bottom. As a rival, there is a Combined Charging System (CCS) that is becoming popular in Europe, but Tesla appeals that NACS has half the size of the connector and doubles the power.

Publish charging standards | Tesla Japan


Tesla, SAE International, and the government's

Energy and Transportation Joint Office are cooperating in disseminating NACS, and after the standard is released, Ford, GM, and Rivian, an EV manufacturer, have announced their adoption of the standard.

Rivian, an EV maker, adopts Tesla's charging standard, further accelerating the unification of charging standards - GIGAZINE

Along with the announcement by SAE International, ChargePoint , which develops charging stations for EVs, has announced that it will start providing NACS connectors to customers who open charging stations using their own equipment.

Other charging station manufacturers and charging station chains are also working to add NACS connectors.

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