Tesla announced that it will provide new car purchasers with a 6-year supercharger usage service to abolish the unlimited and free usage service for charging superchargers

Tesla has introduced a new service called `` Ownership Loyalty Benefit ' ' in order to abolish the `` unlimited and free use service of

supercharger '' provided to owners of the old models of Model S and Model X. It is clear that it has started.

Ownership Loyalty Benefits | Tesla Support

Tesla tries to get owners to give up 'unlimited free Supercharging for life' | Electrek


For the first few years of selling the older Model S and Model X, Tesla offered free unlimited supercharging. Some users liked the fact that they didn't have to pay charging fees to charge their cars.

However, in 2018, Tesla

ended new registrations for Supercharger's free use service, saying it was difficult to sustain the service. However, there are still many vehicles that can be serviced, and as of April 2023, it is said that there are hundreds of thousands of vehicles around the world that can use superchargers for free.

In early 2023, Tesla said it would end its free and unlimited supercharging service on the remaining hundreds of thousands of Tesla vehicles by “trading in the affected Model S and Model X vehicles for new vehicles. If you buy it, give the owner a $ 5,000 (about 670,000 yen) discount.'

In addition, Tesla launched a new service called “Ownership Loyalty Benefit” in April 2023 to strengthen this initiative.

The Ownership Loyalty Benefit provides six years of free unlimited Supercharger access to new Model S and Model X owners who purchase by the end of the first quarter of 2023. News media Electrek speculates that 'this service is intended to abolish the unlimited supercharger usage service.'

Owners of Model S and Model X with unlimited free Supercharger access as of April 2023 will have access to Unlimited Super from their current older Model S and Model X by June 30, 2023. After canceling the charger service in writing and taking it in as a trade-in, you will be able to use the free supercharger for a limited period of 6 years by delivering the new Model S or Model X.

Electrek touched on opening its superchargers to other manufacturers, saying, 'With superchargers now available to non-Tesla EV drivers, Tesla can now make serious money with its supercharger network. It seems that they are deciding whether it can be a charging network.'

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