Fujitsu develops a new generation hybrid device that generates electricity from both light and body temperature

Fujitsu Laboratories announced that it has developed a new hybrid power generation device that can draw power from both light and body temperature.

With the introduction of this device, it becomes possible to generate electricity by using light and body temperature which we used separately as an energy source in one generating device. It is possible to reduce the cost using cheaper materials, which means that it contributes to the popularization of efficient power generation devices.

By the way, the photo above is a hybrid type device that is softly mounted on the base that fits the arm.

Details of the new generation hybrid type device are given below.Development of a hybrid power generation device that produces power from both light and heat: Fujitsu

According to the release of Fujitsu Laboratories, a new type of device has been developed that can handle both light and heat energy sources, which were conventionally used in separate equipment.

When I contacted the Fujitsu Laboratory's Center for Energy Technology Research at the Center for Energy and Energy Research at the Fujitsu Laboratories, I heard that the part expressed as "heat" within this release is a problem regarding body temperature.

While power supply by means of "energy harvesting" technology, which harvests energy obtained from the surrounding environment, such as light, heat, and vibration, and converts it into electric power attracts attention, the conventional power supply method (power from a power plant and batteries) Because the power is weak and compared with the energy source at all times, it is not always the case that PC and digital camera etcICT machineThere was an insufficient aspect to realize electricity supply to. Therefore, it was necessary to have a mechanism to efficiently generate electricity corresponding to various energy sources.

The hybrid type power generation device announced this time can use both an energy source which is likely to exist in the surrounding environment called light and heat in one power generation device and use an inexpensive organic material as a material That means that manufacturing costs can be reduced.

Illustration of power generation device. By switching the connection between two semiconductor materials of P type and N type circuitally, we realize the two functions of photoelectric cell and thermoelectric element. The left side of the figure is the light generation mode, and the right side is the heat generation mode.

When asked to Fujitsu Laboratories, I heard that the power generation by body temperature is generating electricity by the temperature difference between body temperature and air, and the generated power is still insignificant, so as we will improve it in the future Thing. We will improve the performance of hybrid devices and develop mass production technologies and aim for commercialization around 2015.

When it becomes possible to generate not only light but also body temperature, it is possible to generate electricity under diverse environments, so it seems to be one step closer to realization of a power supply method not relying on batteries. Future development of this device is awaited.

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