Sharp to commercialize large-capacity fuel cell for mobile devices

It seems that Sharp has established technology for making large capacity fuel cells for mobile devices such as mobile phones, electronic dictionaries, and laptop computers.

This means that with a fuel cell of the same size as conventional lithium ion batteries, mobile devices can be used continuously for a longer time.

Details are as follows.
World's highest power density achieved in direct methanol fuel cell | News Release: Sharp

According to this release, Sharp is realizing the world's highest power generation efficiency in a fuel cell called "direct methanol type" that supplies methanol directly to the power generation section and chemically reacts with oxygen in the air to generate electricity.

By adopting the "three-dimensional highly integrated stack (laminated) structure" using a thin cell by micro-fabrication newly developed in the power generation section, it becomes possible to convect the air as the basis of power generation smoothly As a result, the power generation efficiency has improved about seven times as compared with the conventional, and this has made it possible to clear the problem of "Is it necessary to increase the volume of the battery because the power generation efficiency is low?" Thing.

This is "three-dimensional highly integrated stack (stacked) structure". Air is convecting smoothly.

And by further pursuing and evolving this technology, it is expected that the battery volume can be reduced in size, so in the future it can be expected to realize a fuel cell that can be used for a longer time with the same volume as the mainstream lithium ion battery in the future I am doing.

Possibility of future direct methanol fuel cell realization. The weight seems to be about one third.

I do not know how long the usage will be longer, but it will be extremely helpful to get bothered by not being bothered by running out of batteries.

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