Fuji pigment succeeded in the world for realizing realization of secondary battery of air battery for the first time

We are developing batteries and environmental devicesFuji Color Corporation, Aluminum was used as the electrode material for the first time in the worldAir batteryofSecondary batteryWe announced that we succeeded in realizing it.

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From the viewpoint of global warming and rise in crude oil price, attention was focused on converting automobile energy and the like to electric energy, but nickel hydride batteries and lithium ion batteries are required for electric cars and smart grids It is said that energy density is insufficient as a high performance storage function, and development of a new high performance secondary battery was expected.

What Fuji pigment was paying attention to is metal-air battery with easy-to-handle, inexpensive aluminum material. Aluminum is abundant in resources as compared with metal material candidates for other secondary batteries and is said to be the best as a secondary batterylithium- It is said that there is the second theoretical capacity after the air battery. Moreover, since it is not used at all because it is easy to be oxidized to air such as lithium, stable operation and manufacture in the air is possible, there is no worry of explosion or burning like lithium ion battery.

The battery structure of the aluminum-air battery actually developed is composed of an oxide between the negative electrode, the positive electrode, the air electrode, and the electrolytic solution, using an aluminum metal plate as the negative electrode and an aqueous sodium hydroxide solution as the electrolytic solution (Aluminum tungstate) in combination. When the aluminum-air secondary battery was discharged at a discharge rate of 0.2 mA / cm -2 in the air, the initial discharge capacity was 5.3 mAh / cm 2 It was said. In addition, the discharge capacity at the 30th was also about 4.4 mAh / cm - 2 and the discharge capacity was maintained at 80% or more, proving that the aluminum - air battery can function as a secondary battery.

It was the first time in the world that it was proved that Aluminum - Air batteries up to the present time functioned as secondary batteries, which was a fully used primary battery with one discharge, the results of which will be reported in August 2013 to the Royal UK Academic journal of the Chemical SocietyPosted on RSC AdvancesIt is being done.

The future task is to reduce the oxide of the aluminum ion conductorPorosityDue to the reason, during the experimentElectrolyteTo evaporate and clear the problem that electrolyte must be refilled. According to Dr. Ryohei Mori, managing director of Fuji pigment, the discharge of aluminum-air battery has been confirmed for one week, but from now on, we will investigate the electrolyte using safer and less expensive NaCl, ie salt water etc. plans. It is also planned to extend the charge / discharge time and capacity by further using aluminum ion conductors with high conductivity aluminum ion conductivity.

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