"Machi ★ Asobi vol.11" collaborative goods are Tokushima Confection & Awa Aizen Luncheon Mat

Anime event of Tokushima that will have climax on October 12 to 14Machi ★ Asobi vol.11"Local companies create limited sweets and goodies that collaborate with animation and games. As various kinds of collaboration suit & goods that are perfect for souvenirs are supposed to be developed this time, I tried to check what kind of things it is ahead.

Machiasobi Limited Collaboration Series - Machi ★ Asobi vol.11 2013.09.28 ~ 10.14 Holding

I tried arranging the shrimps sent from Tokushima.

First of allTheater version "Empty boundary" Future gospel×Kawada Munju". Illustration is that both ceremonial places and ceremonies are visiting mountain peaks of Meishi ⇒ Asobi venue, but on the right side of Una you draw a red wristband that should not have been worn in the movie . This is not a mistake,Personal ★ Assoby's Personal SponsorOne of the items you get when you become.

Kawada Munja enters 15 pieces, "Paper baked picture" using packaging illustration is included. Price is 850 yen including tax.

Then "TYPE-MOON×Premium Golden Manju"(1000 yen including tax). Both ceremonies & red saver have a long bamboo stick.

Packaging is glued, but paper can be opened with small damage if you do your best because the paper is thick.

Since the postcard using the package illustration is contained, even if you miss a little opening, the scratches will be shallow. There are six bamboo bamboos.

"Fate / Zero Cafe×Mamma Rosa"(1000 yen tax included) Illustrations that Mammalosa is offered at Fate / Zero Cafe are used. Gil is very favorite, taking out a boxed manma aza from King's treasure (Gate of Babylon) ......

Packaging with illustration is in the form of a case, so it is possible to pull out the box inside from the side.

Momma Rosa enters five.

"Tales of Accademia×Kimoi sweet potato when it comes to town"(1000 yen including tax). Tales of academia is a manga that the characters of the "Tales of" series rampage at school, two magazines of free paper "Chararibi" distributed as animate and the official specialty paper of Tales of Series "Viva Tales of Magazine" It is serialized in.

If you turn the box sideways, you can see where El Mel Maita of Tales of Exilia 2 cheeks sweet potatoes.

There are six sweet potatoes. It is an illustration card that is bundled.

"Fate / zero cafe × indigo dye lunch mat" is also one of limited collaboration goods of this time.

The size is 42.5 cm × 31.5 cm. Speaking of Awa Aizen is a traditional craft of Tokushima, so it is perfect for Tokushima Souvenir.Nagao woven fabricAlthough it is making,Since it is dyed up one by one by hand, it will be about 240 points in time for the dayAnd that.

In addition to what is here, from 12th to 14th "Fate / Zero × Machi ★ Asobi × Tokyo University Limited Ramen" will be issued. There is a head office in TokushimaRamen Tokyo Univ.Although the taste changes subtly every year, the collaboration menu is that the soup which reproduced the taste of 2009 which started gore ★ Asobi is used, and it becomes the thing which added original topping which is gore ★ Asobi . By the way, this menu can only be eaten at Bizanzan Mountaintop Special booth.

The climax run of "Machi ★ Asobi vol. 11" will be held from October 12th to 14th, on the mountaintop of Meishan in Tokushima City, Higashi Shinmachi Park, Shimanchi board walk and so on.

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