The possibility that development of MR products of venture "Magic Leap" who received a large amount of money from Google etc. is delayed from the target on a multiple-year basis

Despite not offering information on products almost because of the high technical skill in "MR (Mixed Reality)" that creates a world that combines the real world and the virtual world, Google, Baidu,Andriessen HorowitzMysterious venture company that gathered a large amount of funds from "Magic Leap"Has been pointed out that the development delay on the level of several years from the conventional goal is caused.

Is Magic Leap dead? Report claims company used fake tech demos and is 'years' behind

A mysterious company based in FloridaMagic Leap, The magnificence of MR technology can be understood by a single shot when looking at the following movie.

Just another day in the office at Magic Leap - YouTube

Picture of the office. If you look carefully, some icons and floating icons are floating in the air.

Pull one of them to your eyes ......

Expanding the icon with action like pinching out was a YouTube application.

Once you reduce the size again, fix it in another place.

Suddenly a Gmail icon appeared in front of me. Apparently it seems that mail arrived.

With e-mail ......

Since it is displayed as a list for each subject, it is sorted so as to rotate in the vertical direction.

When you finish reading, the icon disappears from sight when you flip the Gmail icon to the left and poi.

In the distance, folders and applications float like a loop.

Rotate the wheel and select the game application.

From the icon that appears, it points to the target game and it runs.

A weapon appeared on the desk all the time.

While grasping, take one gun in hand.

I am watching closely to the back.

Turn the muzzle to the wall ......

When launched, there was a hole in the wall.

It also fires the enemy of the robot that comes out. It seems that the battle has started.

Sometimes a huge robot appears from the wall.

The robot saves energy and fires.

When I was attacked, my eyes got pure white.

Magic Leap is a startup led by CEO of Ronnie Abbeitz and is developing devices using MR similar to HoloLens of Microsoft. In spite of the fact that even a product that can be demonstrated does not exist, it gained public attention by raising more than 500 million dollars (about 58 billion yen) from Google in December 2015, In that it raised about $ 800 million (about 92 billion yen) of additional funds from Alibaba and succeeded in financing totaling 1.4 billion dollars (about 160 billion yen) despite not completing a single product It is a different color venture company.

After that, Magic Leap applies for a headset patent that seems to be related to the MR terminal under development.

Further miniaturizedPatents with shapes like sunglassesAlso apply.

It is presumed that not a method of "viewing the MR image on a display and seeing it" is being adopted but a new image technology which displays the image directly on the human retina is adopted.

But,The Information, Magic Leap's terminal is behind in performance compared to HoloLens, and the above movie "Just another day in the office at Magic Leap" was created by Weta Workshop, New Zealand's video production company I report it there. If this is the case, there seems to be a possibility that Magic Leap's word "This game is what we are playing in the office" that was in the description section of the movie is not true. Also,The VergeAccording to Abbeitz CEO, he said he still has not succeeded in miniaturizing the retinal display which is the key technology of the Magic Leap terminal.

It is still mysterious what kind of terminal Magic Leap is completing to the level, but Abowitz is on Twitter "It is in the factory, a small volume production test of the initial system of products was done It is small, beautiful and cool thing. "It implies completion of the prototype. It is attracting attention whether Magic Leap can silence a series of reports pointing out development delay by clarifying details of prototype and technology.

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