Magic Leap, a company that has gathered investment from Google and Alibaba, releases a movie on the product under development, possibly disappearing from the future world

Magic LeapDid not announce the product and the business content is almost unpublished at the stage where it is not publicized, it is 542 million dollars (about 59 billion yen) from venture capital such as Google, KPCB, QualcommFinanceIn February 2016 from Alibaba the largest IT company history of $ 793.5 million (about 86.4 billion yen)ProcurementIt is an amazing startup that I did. The Magic Leap has released a movie on the technology and products under development, and the whole picture of the project has been revealed.

A New Morning - YouTube

One desk that was projected.

A thing like a smart phone notification screen was displayed on the desk. In addition, it says "This movie is not a composition of CG" at the bottom of the screen. It is as if the invisible display is floating in space.

A thing like a graph was projected on the right side of the notification screen this time.

Suddenly heard the sound "Pon" and moved the line of sight to that, from the woman named Murph, the message "Hi, my father, see my Everest project!" Is displayed.

Then, under the message, the records of those who climbed Mt. Everest in the past were projected in chronological order.

Something like a pale shining tablet appeared ... ...

Everest's three-dimensional map has grown up from the bottom.

Altitude and climbing routes etc will be recorded on the 3D map.

This time the screen of the EC site appeared in space.

It was said that shoes that had been registered in the wish list arrived, so we decided to purchase it by displaying the 3D model. It is kind of like watching a movie or game.

If I think whether bubbles and bubbles have come up in space ......

A pink jellyfish is swimming in the room.

It is completely unknown what kind of technology is used to realize this movie, but Wired of IT related media visits Magic Leap's head office and conducts interviews, releasing the state in movies. Although it is top secret about the essential technology, you can understand what Magic Leap is about to do.

The Untold Story of Magic Leap, the World's Most Secretive Startup - YouTube

Magic Leap is headquartered in Florida, not California where IT companies are headquartered.

What Magic Leap is developing is not called VR (virtual reality), it is called "MR (mixed reality)" which is not AR (augmented reality). Mixed reality is a technology that combines the information of the real world and the virtual world and constructs a space that combines the two worlds.

Mr. Ronnie Aboywitz, CEO and founder of Magic Leap, says, "The brain is like a GPU (graphic professor), and what we are doing is copying the signal that the brain GPU is sending It is a technology to digitize and make it possible to communicate with the brain, "he says, but it is a high-level story to the ordinary people to understand.

If you use this technology you can create a space like CG jellyfish in the real world. According to Mr. Wired, who wrote the interview, Magic Leap would like to know more about the technology under development, but further information was confidential.

In the office of Magic Leap, the robot performs optical measurement ......

Engineers are also discussing about MR game development through all of them. All in order to realize the vision that is in the head of Mr. Abowitz.

This transparent photonics chip is the core of MR technology developed by Magic Leap. Photonics is a technology dealing with information transmission using light.

It is unknown what kinds of products are developed using this chip, and it seems that it is difficult to explain exactly what the engineer who is developing the chip is.

Mr. Sam Miller, head of system engineer at Magic Leap, says, "Maybe it sounds a bit strange, but the photonics chip realizes a state like" I am dreaming while opening my eyes " Description.

Savanna Niles, an interaction prototype company, says, "It's a technology that seems to exist actually while recognizing what you are seeing in front of you is not real."

It is obvious that the technology under development by Magic Leap has the possibility to change the future game ... ...

Mr. Abowitz believes that there is a possibility that all displays will be changed by the technology under development.

MR is an unknown market, but Microsoft alreadyRelease of HoloLens developer modelAnd it is not the only company Magic Leap is working on MR.

But Abobwitz says he does not care about HoloLens and he does not mind taking time to complete a perfect product.

Mr. Abowitz said, "When Magic Leap announces the product, computing in the space will be natural," he talked about the future prospects.

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