The world's first smartphone "Phab 2 Pro" corresponding to Google's space recognition technology "Tango" appeared

In Lenovo's own event "Lenovo Tech World 2016" held in San Francisco, Lenovo introduced Google's real-time space recognition technology "Tango"The smartphone responding for the first time in the world"Phab 2 ProWe announced. Phab 2 Pro, which recognizes space and realizes AR / VR contents in real time in the smartphone market where satellite smartphones with similar functions have appeared, is able to enjoy content, clearly differentiated device from other smartphone It is becoming.

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The state of Lenovo Tech World 2016 can be checked from the following movie. "Phab 2 Pro" will appear around 1 hour 36 minutes 20 seconds of the movie.

Lenovo Tech World 2016 - Live from San Francisco (June 9th) - YouTube

Hands-on movies by The Verge of IT related media are kore.

Lenovo's Phab 2 Pro: the first phone with Google Tango - YouTube

Phab 2 Pro is a Fabret terminal equipped with 6.4 inch IPS liquid crystal.

SoC adopts Snapdragon 652 optimized for Tango's AR / VR application, with 4 GB of memory and 64 GB of storage.

Tango supported by Phab 2 Pro is a platform for AR / VR developed by Google. In a nutshell, Phab 2 Pro will be able to sense where the terminal is in the room, what is there in the surroundings, enjoy games and apps that support AR and VR, and enable the use of new smartphones That. This is made possible by the depth camera and the motion tracking camera mounted on the back of the main unit.

The depth camera detects the depth of the space, and the motion tracking camera can detect the movement of the subject.

For example, this is where you are playing a domino game on AR. You can play dominoes placed in the 3D space detected by the camera.

Players playing FPS games play by using the entire body around the movement. There is nothing in the actual space, but the inside of the screen of the smartphone is the battlefield.

Also, an AR application for education will also appear. This is an application made with the cooperation of the American Museum of Natural History, which allows you to freely observe a dinosaur model placed in space. Just by touching the screen of the smartphone, you can see the structure of the body and skeleton by moving the dinosaur.

By tapping the buttons in each part of the body you will see a detailed explanation.

Twenty-five such Tango compatible applications will be pre-installed in Phab 2 Pro, and 100 apps will be released within 2016. Phab 2 Pro will be released in September 2016 at $ 499 (53,500 yen).

The following two movies are official movies by Lenovo.

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro - World's First Smartphone with Tango - YouTube

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro Product video - World's First Smartphone with Tango - YouTube

Phab 2 Pro with 6.4 inch IPS liquid crystal develops two colors of champagne gold and gunmetal gray.

In addition to the depth camera and the motion tracking camera mentioned above, 8 million pixel front camera and 16 million pixel rear camera are mounted.

Two types of depth camera and motion tracking camera can recognize the user's space in real time.

It is stuck with the sound, it corresponds to "Dolby Audio Capture 5.1" which can enjoy 5.1 channel sound.

On the back is a fingerprint authentication sensor mounted under the camera.

By being compatible with Tango, we can experience various contents for AR / VR. For example, if you put a smartphone in an empty space, a monster appears from the right of the screen ... ....

Develop as it is to the battle. You can enjoy an immersive shooter game.

Tap the far left of the sofa on the camera and move your finger to the right ...

It is possible to measure the length of the sofa. Even with conventional smartphones, there are applications that have similar functions, but Tango who recognizes even the depth in real time seems to be more accurate.

You can use it like playing with a kitten and a sofa.

After the presentation, a trial was held in the exhibition space where you can experience FPS games using Phab 2 Pro.

Lenovo Tech World Post Show - YouTube

The staff interviewed at the experimental venue of AR compatible FPS game, but the person who wants to pay attention is a man who moves across the back of the screen. This man is exactly playing FPS game, he is fucking up with a model of a machine gun that wears a smartphone on the muzzle. In other words, this man is playing the game while watching the video on the screen of the smartphone. Using Tango's real-time spatial recognition technology, you can play the real world as a game field.

According to the staff, the AR game using Tango's technology is that the smartphone itself becomes the controller, so it is an environment that makes it easier to play than a VR headset that requires a controller. Moreover, it is the point which I want to pay attention to immersion impression not existing in conventional game. In addition to games, Tango provides new ways to use smartphones, such as placing AR furniture in space and training for medical work, so it's not as convenient as it was ever imagined There are also possibilities for apps to appear.

The following three movies are official movies of Tango by Google. Since it is a promotion movie without sound, even if you do not understand English it is a content that understands what you can do with Tango compatible smartphone.

Tango: See more with a new kind of phone - YouTube

Turn your world into a Playground - YouTube

Tango: Re-imagine space around you. - YouTube

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AR experience by the first smartphone "Lenovo PHAB 2 Pro" equipped with Google's spatial recognition technology "Tango" will look something like this - GIGAZINE

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