"MI Guitar" where you can play a guitar like a raw sound just by pressing a button without practicing it

The way of playing the guitar "to hold down the strings of the places and give out the sound as you desire" may seem like a madness that you can not really manage as you see from people who can not play the guitar. Even those who do not understand how to play the guitar, guitar type hardware that enables guitar play without just practicing by just strumming while holding down the instructed button "MI Guitar"is.

MI Guitar by Magic Instruments | Indiegogo

You can tell what MI Guitar is like and what kind of electronic musical instrument by looking at the following movie.

Magic Instruments - A new type of guitar you can play in minutes - YouTube

A man who is strumming and strumming the guitar outside.

What I use for playing was MI Guitar which looks like a guitar at first glance.

Authentic sounds are coming out from a guitar like a toy, and children are also curious.

The original guitar is stringed on the neck, and by holding down a specific string with your finger, you can play sounds such as "C code (Doremi's do)" and "D code (Doremi's le)" I will. MI Guitar, an electronic musical instrument, has six strings of buttons for each fret instead of a string on the neck. Since the performance method only pushes these buttons, it is a mechanism which even a novice guitar can play.

You do not need to hold down multiple places like the original guitar, just stroke while holding down one of the six buttons. With just this, you can play a tone that sounds like a real guitar.

The tone changes with the press button. The codes that can be played are major, minor, powercode, suspended, major seventh, minor, seventh, dominant seventh, all with a single button.

A dedicated playing app will be offered, so you can use smartphones, tablets, PC etc like a musical score. It is also possible to play alone without a dedicated application.

The tone actually playing is almost as good as an electric guitar. Even if you say just press the button, there are strings to stroke, so there is no 'sense of toy' like the controller of the guitar game. If you play the string slowly, it will ring "Porro Ron", or if you strum at it as it is, "Jahn" will sound, you can sharpen the tone.

The man who played was excited with "It sounds like a real tone!"

A woman who said in the movie "The guitar's performance is painful and it is difficult to hold down the string," said the woman, "It was a lot of fun! It's a really happy feeling that you can play the guitar instantly without practicing" Pattern of happiness.

The developer actually explains how to actually play using MI Guitar and the application in the following movie.

Brian - House of the Rising Sun - YouTube

A developer's male actually played MI Guitar and is pointing out how to play. In the upper right is the application screen for MI Guitar application, which is actually displayed on the tablet or other display. First of all, on the intro, the number "1 of 1" is displayed on the screen. This means pressing the "first button in the first row from the top" enclosed in the red frame of MI Guitar. When holding down the specified button and stroking, "Jahn" and the sound were played.

When playing the first tone, the number slides to "1 of 3". In accordance with this, press "the first button in the third row from the top" to continue playing.

Next it became "4 of 6", so that "holding down the sixth button in the fourth row from the top". Just by changing the buttons as instructed and stroking, we are playing an accurate intro.

When the intro finishes, it becomes A melody, the color of the lyrics changes like Karaoke and it goes on. The number of the button is written above the lyrics, and if you change the button at the point where the color of the lyrics changes, it is OK.

Looking at the performance screen up and looking like this. You can search for a favorite artist's song from a dedicated app, and you can buy it for 99 cents a day (about 110 yen). All songs can be used for $ 5.99 per month (about 650 yen).

Each part of MI Guitar is as follows. There is an accessory mount for attaching a smartphone holder at the tip of the neck, and there is also a "mute bar button". Since the neck can be removed, it can be carried compactly. Since it has built-in speaker, it can play even outdoors.

On the back side are a neck attachment / detachment button, a strap mount, a battery insertion port. You can play 3 to 6 hours with AA batteries × 8.

On the side of the neck are figures for each fret.

There are "setup button" which can adjust the key and scale on the back side of the neck, "FX indicator" displaying the effect being set, LED light to inform the battery level.

The body has the same various knobs as the guitar, a 1/4 inch jack connector for connecting the amplifier, a headphone jack, a 1/8-inch (3.5 mm) stereo mini-jack that can play external sound sources with the built-in speaker, a USB- B socket, there is a DC power supply insertion port.

The color is two different colors of black and white.

In addition, MI Guitar is seeking investment in Indiegogo of Cloud Funding for commercialization. The project has already been successful because 216% of the target amount has already been invested. You can get a set of "MI Guitar, Strap, 10 picks" with a contribution of 329 dollars (about 36,000 yen), but you can ship in the US only. However, if you have an investment plan of 49 dollars (about 5300 yen) for those who wish to ship internationally and you are ready for international shipping, you can get MI Guitar if you pay an extra $ 250 (about 27,000 yen) It has become like. Extra shipping fee is also required.

When you share the project of MI Guitar, MI Guitar is undergoing a campaign to discount 25 dollars (about 2700 yen). The deadline of investment is about 20th May 2016.

MI Guitar by Magic Instruments | Indiegogo

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