"DRIP CURRY MESHI TOKYO" dripping my favorite flavor to Kare Messes

Nissin'sKare MesseshYou can eat five kinds of flavor drip free of chili, garlic, jasmine tea, bonito, coffee "DRIP CURRY MESHI TOKYO"Is open at Yamanote Line Shibuya Station. I do not try anything other than making it with hot water by myself, but as I seemed to have new discoveries, I went to eat.


The place is the inner turning line of Yamanote Line Shibuya station (Tokyo / Shinagawa direction) Home.

Third wave coffeeIs it the word of "Third Wave Curry (third wave curry)"?

In this shop, we drip 5 kinds of flavors to each of 3 base types of Kala Mesa. Recommended for shops are "Beef × Garlic", "Seafood × Bonbon", "Spicy Chicken × Maple Sugar".

This time I ordered it as recommended. I really dripped the bonito in the filter.

Because it will put about 200 ml of hot water ......

Wait 5 minutes.

There is a 12-minute meter inside the shop, and it tells us where the black needle points when it is completed.

The inside of the store is very compact. There are no chairs, probably about six people are full.

After 5 minutes, mix well and eat.

This is the most popular "beef × garlic". It seems that the scent of garlic is not so strong, but when I try to eat it, there is a feeling that one curry will be eaten from the shadow of curry.

And "seafood x bonito". Before eating, just bring your nose to the bowl and the fragrance of bonito is intense. However, I do not disturb the taste, I upgrade the curry meshes.

I tried ordering "spicy chicken × maple sugar" which is a little colored and "no beef × coffee" which is noisy because it is so much to try other recommended items. Combination that dribbled coffee to make curry meshes, which seems to be unnecessary by myself ... ....

That is why it is completed.

Coffee is blackish before mixing.

When it mixes, coffee will disappear from the appearance. Even as a taste, the balance of curry is not compromised by bitterness and astringency, rather the flavor spreads wider, this is ant in this.

Is not it sweet and useless? And "Spicy Chicken × Maple Sugar" thought, sweetness will suitably moderate the spicyness.

The price is 290 yen for both. The cooking time is 5 minutes, so it is ants to stop by and stop eating when you have hungry. It seems interesting to try to find your favorite combination.

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