I baked "Potatoise soba noodle" caught with cheese melting potatoes on a hot sauce with Hankyu Soba Wakana

Hankyu buckwheat and wakana chestnuts offering a menu that goes through "fried noodles" and "potato udon" thrusting fried potatoes beside udon or soba, as a new menu, warm buckwheat noodles as a menu, compatible with french fries and shredded cheese I shook the "Potatoise soba noodlesStarting on March 25, 2016 (Friday). I actually went to see what kind of taste it would be if I put Western ingredients such as fried potato and cheese on a Japanese style soup.

I will be doing it again Hankyu soba "Potatoise soba noodle" new appearance! From March 25 (Fri) at Hankyu soba Wakana vegetables 13 shops

I came to Hankyu Soba Wakana c.13 shop.

At the entrance there was a poster of potatoes soba noodles. I entered the store and immediately ordered potatoes soba and potatoes noodles one by one. Both prices are 420 yen including tax.

Potatoes soba was delivered in about 5 minutes because "It will take about 5 minutes."

Buckwheat noodles are ordinary clams.

French fries with cheese on it are on, and it is delicious even if you eat as it is.

The cheese is slightly browned, it seems that once you have fried potatoes, cheese is cooked and then baked in an oven toaster etc. You will find that it takes time and effort.

Slide the fried potato as it is.

A sight that has never been seen as a potato cheese floating in the sunshine sea has been completed.

First of all, trying to eat buckwheat noodles is a fermented soba noodle from a common station.

French fries cheese is melting further with the heat of soup stock. When eating alone, it is "potato sauce that I saw", but the taste of cheese is added plus so the inside of the mouth starts to get confused.

Together with cheeses melted potatoes and eat it, there is a scent of fried potatoes and cheese in the mouth. While mellow rich flavor and oil are pushing out to the front, the feeling of slipperiness of the buckwheat and the gentle taste of soup are felt, making it an unusual dish that has never existed.

The flavor of potatoes and cheese has also shifted to the soup, it is hard to distinguish whether it is western style or Japanese style, but it is strange to become tedious.

There is not a crispy feeling of french fries, but cheese potatoes of Funafuna that I found out are not too bad.

Continue to Potato's Udon.

Udon is still nothing but udon noodles. It seems that sushi is the same as soba.

Why do not you have cheese potatoes!

Because udon and potato are about the same thickness, not only easy to eat together with slippery, but also the smell of fried potatoes and cheese was more felt. Dashi are the same, so they should have almost the same taste, but you may feel the difference when eating compared. Because there is enough french fries, even one cup has enough volume so if you eat two cups at once, it seems better to go hungry.

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