I cooked curry sauce "Western food shop's curry soy sauce" mixed with 6 spices mixed with curry in a retort curry

There are not a few "sauce" people who will sow sauce when eating curry, but there seems to be "shioyaki school" which also adds sauce to this. However, there are many people that the "soy sauce school" is embarrassed to dignate oil in front of people. It was made for such peopleYuasa soy sauceof"Western food store's curry soy sauce"(420 yen including tax). I decided to try various instant curries with various tastes because it was made in order to eat deliciously the retort curry, especially by combining two types of natural oil of natural sauce stocked in cedar barrel and six spices.

Western food store's curry soy sauce

I saw "curry soy sauce" for the first time, but I care what the taste is.

Raw materials include soy sauce, mirin, mirin and spices.

I compiled the contents and compared it with ordinary soy sauce. Although I looked nervously, there was not much change ... ...

Alrightly, "Western food store's curry soy sauce" contains small grains. This small grain is a spice, six in all of turmeric, clove, garam masala, cumin, allspice and coriander. Also, this spice has a strong aroma, and as it approachesToro sauceIt has a strong smell like.

In this time, we decided to try each taste by applying three types of Worcester sauce to these two soy sauce by instant curry of various flavors.

We prepare three types of instant curry, sweet, medium and dry, respectively.

So, first of all,Boncurry gold 21 sweet sauceFrom.

First of all it is normal to try it. A taste of common instant curry, feels fruity sweetness.

I tried Worcester sauce here. Sweetness such as vegetables and fruits contained in the sauce, acidity etc added, the core can be felt in the taste.

Next a little bit of soy sauce ... ...

I mix well. Worcester sauce has a sour taste but rather tastes curry refreshing, but on the other hand, soy sauce has become more fond of sweetness made with bitterness. Feeling that the saltyness of soy sauce complements sweetness.

This time, "Western food store's curry soy sauce".

The scent of spice is well matched with curry, and it is felt rather fragrant compared with Worcester sauce and soy sauce. Spicy is added to the taste, the taste of the instant curry which was overwhelmed by the taste comes out and it does not go up to the curry which you can eat at the store, but it seems that it changed to the taste of a slightly higher level instant curry.

At first, the taste of spice is felt well, and at the end the taste of a little soy sauce remains.

next"Curry shop curry medium spicy"is. I'm looking forward to what kind of taste it is with the taste of medium spicy.

First of all it is a bite. It feels like I'm out of sweetness made from sweet curry and it is not that hot even though I say it is medium spicy. Although it is easy to eat, you can also view the taste without features. Let's try three kinds of sources in the same way how this taste changes.

I tried adding Worcester sauce. Fruity acidity of Worcester sauce fits well with curry. Feeling that it raises the taste by adding a little accent without damaging the taste of curry itself.

Next time I will spill the sauce. It is not as good as sweet curry, but it seems that sweetness is a bit stronger as well. It is likely that this taste is suitable for people who like it, as it will emphasize a heavy taste.

I will try "Western food store's curry soy sauce". I felt deeper that the spicy taste was a bit spicy because it was a medium. However, the taste of "Western food shop's curry soy sauce" itself is quite strong, and the taste of curry is pulled by the taste of sauce.

The end is "Heinz Beef Curry Dry"

First of all it is a bite. I do not feel the pain much while I am eating, but after I finish eating I feel a tangy feeling on my tongue.

When you try Worcester sauce, you can feel it is deepening of curry as well as sweet or medium spicy curry. A versatile type sauce that fits well with any taste of curry.

I tried to cook oil here. The spicy feeling was felt a bit because of its dryness, and it was changed in sweet pepper of soy sauce to a taste of strong salty feeling.

Lastly, "Western food store's curry soy sauce". I felt sour and salty up at once. Just adding a darker sauce to a dry place makes you feel quite salty overall. Because it adds spicy flavor and flavor is dramatically improved, it may be a good combination when you want to eat curry with thick punch.

"Western food shop's curry soy sauce" adds the flavor of spices, you can feel the spicyness of curry has increased greatly. Also added is sweet pepper originally of soy sauce, and overall it changes to a taste of salty feeling. It tastes so strong that it covers the taste of curry, so it seems to be suitable for use when you want to taste instant curry with a thin taste, or when you want a change in taste on the way.

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