Tailored with black pepper and red pepper "Black o · zak" "Red o · zak" taste review

"Black o · zac " and "Red otzack " were released as new products of potato snack "Oh Zack" released from house food, so I bought it immediately It was.

The package written with "black" "red" has a considerable impact, but also the taste has become an item with individuality so as not to be defeated by it.

Review from below.
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Black has mayonnaise flavors, accent is black pepper is used.

Red seems to be meat sauce flavor, and it seems that red pepper is used for accent.

As soon as black puts in the mouth the acidity of mayonnaise spreads to the mouth, afterwards the purple that made black pepper's purple will follow. However, it is not so strong, it has a well-balanced taste since the acidity of mayonnaise has not gone too far.

Red is delicious because the sourness of tomato is surprisingly felt. The hotness is stronger than black, and it runs through the tongue with a tingling spirit. It is a dish that can be eaten lightly with crispy, but please be careful if you are poor at hot.

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