A gentle capturing method contrary to what it looks like a drone gun that takes Uri's drones inoperative and captures them

Drone, which makes it easy to take professional level aerial shots, gains popularity,Drone crashes at the skiing World CupOrAn accident happens when Drone collides with an airlinerIt is also a fact that it is a problem. Meanwhile, a drone gun that can catch drones that can be exploited easily has appeared.

This drone gun knocks drones out of the sky gently, with radio waves | Popular Science

Drone fly around the sky making full use of multiple sensors and radio waves. There is a beautiful aerial shooting movie taken with the drones, etc. It is also true that there are people who use abuses, and ISIS, the anti-government organization of Iraq, uses drone to attack enemy forces It seems to be. DroneShield developed drone gun as a countermeasure against such "drone exploited".

You can tell what kind of drone gun is like in one shot by watching the following movie.

DroneShield DroneGun - YouTube

Under a sign signed "No entry" ...

One car came.

The man who came out from inside has a drone and a controller.

Rotate the propeller at once ... ...

Flight start.

If you have a drones area that is said to be prohibited entry, you can easily shoot.

A man who appeared under such a drone.

It has quite a huge gun-like shape in the hand, this is a drone gun for catching drone.

Drone gun with dot site.

Looking from the front like this, three thick rods stretch out like they stick out.

The way to use is to keep a rifle etc ... ...

Define the target at the dot site.

Looking at a person holding a drone gun from the drone side it looks like this.

Those who are steering a drone aimed at a drone gun suddenly will not see the sight of the drones. According to DroneShield, the effective range of the drone gun is over 1 mile (about 1600 meters), so it seems that the transmission of video from the drones side to the controller side will stop soon.

It seems that communication between drones and controllers is obstructed by turning a drone gun at the drone.

The drone side, which became uncontrollable, lands on the ground as it is. It makes it possible to recover drones safely.

Similar items include "anti-drone device" developed by Battelle Memorial InstituteDroneDefender"Already exists, this alreadyAlso into IraqIt is being done.

Another more simple anti-drone device West Point's military academy school studentUsed for trainingAnd this seems to be a movement that anticipates that more drone will be put into the battlefield in the future. Indeed, it seems that the "Drone Bomb", which loads and bombs a bomb on the drones, is proved to be a much more effective weapon than bombs on people and cars.

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