"Kansai Culture Day" that can enjoy about 650 museums and museums free of charge is underway so I actually went there

Kansai 2 prefectures 8 museums and museums in the prefecture will be admitted free 14th "Kansai Culture DayNovember 19 (Sat) and November 20 (Sun) is being held on the central day. About the 650 facilities that are the largest number ever in the 14th have participated, so I actually went to museums and museums.

Let's go to Kansai culture day museum

To find museums and museums participating on the day of Kansai culture, open the above URL, select today's "November 20th" from the input box and click "Search".

Since the museum / museum list is displayed, if you change the prefecture to "Osaka prefecture" and click "Search", you can narrow down the search by each prefecture.

So I am participating in the day of Kansai culture "National Museum of Art"I came to.

The National Museum of Art in Nakanoshima, Osaka is one of the charms of a unique building designed by Caesar Peri. The art museum part is stored in the basement.

When entering the entrance, go escalator to basement level 1.

Because it is the day of Kansai culture, the basement 2 floor exhibition hall is free.

The National Museum of Art is a permanent collection of contemporary art collections of domestic and international contemporary art since the Second World War, but the day of Kansai culture is the subject of "THE PLAY since 1967 To the beyond the unseen flow"is.

If you inform at the reception on the 1st floor of the basement "It's only underground 2 stories," you can just enter for free.

"THE PLAY since 1967 Beyond the Flow I Do not Hear" is a solo exhibition of the art group "PLAY" which is active in the Kansai area since 1967.

Since the play exhibition is shooting OK, there is no problem even if you shoot in Pasha Pasha with a smartphone or the like.

The first thing to come into the eye of the exhibition hall is the art of log building structures assembled from the basement 2 floor to the height of the first basement floor part.

This is an art performance called "thunder", it was made by assembling 400 cedar logs at the summit of Mt. Washigayama (altitude 685 m) in the southeastern part of Kyoto Prefecture, making a lightning rod at the top part and waiting for lightning to fall thing. It was an ambitious work to assemble the log every June, wait for the thunder to fall until September, disassemble it if thunder does not fall, challenge again the following year.

Valuable materials at the time of creating "thunder" are also displayed.

A table and a chair are installed near "Thunder" so that you can freely read and rest.

Continue to the exhibition hall in the back.

Here, works and performances of play are exhibited using prints, recorded pictures, recorded pictures, audio pictures and materials.

The performance "Contemporary art flow" that was first carried out in 1969 is a performance that descends a river with Styrofoam arrow shaped squid.

In the exhibition hall, arrow-shaped squid that was actually used is displayed.

The exhibition hall continues further back ... ...

At the far end "House" used in "IE Picnic: THE PLAY HAVE A HOUSE" is exhibited.

This is the one that rebuilt the "house" produced in 1972 for the exhibition of "Dojima River Biennale 2015". The play members shed their houses down the river and actually spent the whole day inside.

Since "THE PLAY since 1967 Beyond the Flow I Never See" introduces activities of play while watching materials and actual exhibits, even people who do not know about play can enjoy it. It is good to spend a relaxing time that the space to read material is prepared everywhere.

Before the eyes of the National Museum of Art,Osaka Municipal Science MuseumBecause there is also, I will go as it is.

Osaka municipal science museum is also participating on the day of Kansai culture and free entry. This is free only for permanent exhibition exhibits.

The entrance to the exhibition hall is located on the basement floor.

The Osaka municipal science hall got up to the 4th floor with an elevator and went on a floor while watching.

The 4th floor, which is the start of the tour, is a floor-themed floor.

Exhibits comparing the sizes of planets such as the sun, Saturn, and Uranus ......

You can learn the mechanism of the universe that you can not usually see. Also, in addition to the universe, pictures of aurora ... ....

You can see and understand the events related to the universe such as exhibits of chemical substances by eye.

Because the Osaka municipal science hall explains the things which can not be explained even if asked with an easy to understand explanation, there were many parents and children 's customers with children.

Also, in the exhibition section called Science Time Tunnel ......

You can see old machines packed with science developed in the 20th century such as electric machine calculator.

On the third floor, we introduce the science used for things used in everyday life.

A skeleton bike that exhibits how many parts are used on a scooter.

On the back side of the scooter, all parts of the scooter are exhibited. In this way we introduce science through things we normally use, not only children but also adults tickle curiosity.

The second floor is an exhibition section called "Science at Oyako", a lot of experiential-type exhibits.

With the way how the wind goes off, what kind of movement is the water when centrifugal force is applied, etc. By being able to learn by experiencing esoteric physics when written in letters, many children I was playing interestingly.

Exhibits of "electricity and energy" are lined up with the slurry on the first floor.

Actual traffic lights ......

An exhibit explaining electricity and energy using utility pole etc. is fun even for adults.

The day of Kansai culture is mainly conducted on Saturday, November 19th and November 20th (Sunday). There are free museums and museums for admission even on days other than 19th and 20th. It is free to enter the building, so it seems good to stop by while you go out.

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