Herman Miller announced "Remastered version of Aaron Chair" after 22 years, release in early 2017

Herman Miller's appearance in 1994Aaron chair"Changed the concept of people's chair by unique design that does not use cushion with cloth and cotton and design based on ergonomics. Although Aaron chair lovers existed around the world just now for more than 20 years, the design criteria of the original Aaron chair has been reborn in consideration of contemporary work and technologyRemaster version Aaron chair"Was announced.

Remastered Aaron Chair - Herman Miller

The new Aaron chair is equipped with four new functions by Mr. Don Chadwick and Mr. Bill Stanf who designed the original Aaron chair.

The appearance looks like this, you can see that it follows the original design while adding new features.

The new Aaron chair based on ergonomics, function, anthropometry, and environment was completed because thoroughly thinking about people working in the modern work environment.

◆ 1: "8Z pellicle" which provides body pressure dispersion and breathability by zone
Herman Miller's Aaron chair seat and backrest are characterized by using "mesh fabric" pellicle instead of cushion. Herman Miller has its own pellicle patent, but the new Aaron chair has a new "8Z pellicle"Is adopted, air, body temperature, moisture passes through the seat and backrest, so it is possible to maintain a uniform and comfortable skin temperature.

◆ 2: "posture fit SL" that supports adjustable sacrum and lumbar spine
One of the typical functions of Aaron Chair is the pad "posture fit" on the back of the backrest. If you sit down deeply after adjusting the knob, the backbone is kept straight and the pelvis will properly support the lower part of the spine and the sacrum to keep the natural anteversion posture. Further improvements added "Posture fit SLIt is explained that the backbone can be supported in a state similar to a healthy standing posture. Instead, there seems to be no "Lumber support" model for the original Aaron chair.

◆ 3: Easy adjustment with intuition that can be set according to the user so as to obtain the highest comfort
The new Aaron chair is equipped with the latest user adjustment function that can be fine-tuned intuitively and easily, and compared with the conventional model, adjustment operation to customize a favorite fitting feeling and less time spent on customization He said that he was successful in doing it. You can adjust the reclining to 13 levels by turning the knob while sitting.

◆ 4: Three kinds of generally considered material palettes suitable for modern environment
Aaron Chair is designed to harmonize with the surroundings by Mr. Stanf's idea of ​​"visual comfort" and beauty attention to Mr. Chadwick's sharp details. As a result of thorough reconsideration of the new Aaron chair to better suit the modern environment, "mineral"carbon"GraphiteThe lineup has been done with three types of material patterns: Unlike traditional Aaron chair, there are no additional options required.

Also, new Aaron chair will be expanded in A, B, C size so that everyone can use it. "A (small size)" is for people whose height is 147 cm - 175 cm, weight 40 kg - 68 kg, "B (medium size)" is for people with height 158 ​​cm - 198 cm, weight 59 - 148 kg, "C ) "Is for people whose height is between 160 cm and 198 cm and weight is between 81.5 kg and 159 kg.

I am wondering what the Aaron chair, which was remastered for modern desk workers, will give us a comfortable feeling, but in Asia it will be sold in February 2017. I do not know the price yet, but those who want to get information quickly "Notify me", You can receive notification at the timing when it was sold at the nearest store.

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