I tried to play the mobile version "Mini Metro" Puzzle Game Substrain Route Construction with Deep Syndrome Game Nature as a Bottomless Swamp

A game that reconstructs the complicated subway train lines in real cities all over the world "Mini Metro"Was released on iOS and Android.I played PC versionAt the time, I was addicted to the profound entertainment created by simple game nature, so I tried to play Mini Metro which became an application.

Mini Metro on the App Store

Mini Metro - Android application on Google Play

You can see the actual playing from the following movie. If you look at this you will understand Mini Metro somehow.

I tried to play the application version "mini metro" - YouTube

Play iOS version of Mini Metro. Mini Metro is a paying game of 600 yen including tax. Tap the button stated as 600 yen ... ...

Tap 'Buy' to install.

When you start up the game, it will be displayed larger with Mini Metro, swipe the screen in the direction of the arrow.

The game started without any explanation. White letters displayed on the screen (○ and □ in this case) are subway stations, black figures (here, ■) represent passengers, and passengers want to go to the same type of station I will. First of all, we will lay tracks to carry this passenger to the station □. Tap ○ and move your finger to draw lines until □ ...

The first line was opened.

The vehicle is automatically placed on the opened route, and it starts running in one train formation. Since it is a puzzle game to the last, you can not set the diamond like "Go with A train", the train will repeat the movement "move on the track", "stop for a short time at the station", "return at the end of the dead end." The capacity of the vehicle is 6 people, you can see which passenger is going to which station.

As time passes, new stations will increase, so we will connect the routes by tapping. If you mistakenly laid the track, you can erase it by tapping the area around "Ding" that shows the dead end if you are at the end and moving your finger in the opposite direction. If you have laid a railway at a station you do not want to pass through, tap the railroads before and after that station and move it to remove the line from the station.

The fourth place appeared in the station of ○. By drawing a line from an isolated station to an existing station, you can create a new route. The colored circle on the right side of the screen indicates the route already constructed by the large circle, and the small circle indicates the route stocked without construction. Up to 3 routes can be pulled in the opening section.

Now we have a station of ○ on the other side across the river. I will extend the red line to the new ○ station here.

Tunnels are made when crossing the river.

With this condition, the station increases with the passage of time, passengers appear steadily in the station, so the purpose of this game is to keep carrying alone. On the other hand, as there is a capacity in the vehicle, there is also a capacity in the station, and after a certain period of time has elapsed beyond that, the game will be over, so how do you decide passengers one after another, How to extend the point is the point.

It is a place where it will soon get stuck with only the first three routes given, but as the week passes, you get new items, so where you use it is a showcase of the player's arms.

Items obtained are displayed on the left side of the screen, and the number of icons indicates the maximum number of installed items. I just installed a tunnel with a red line, but that was from the beginning of the game. If you want to set up another tunnel, you will have to wait at least one week before you can get it. In the second week you got "head car", you can add 1 vehicle to your favorite route.

If you move the tapping finger to the left or right, only the direction in which the vehicle first goes is decided. After deciding the direction of travel, release the tapping finger and add the vehicle to the route. Although the benefits of the early stage are not great, if you place two places on one route, speed of passengers clearly improves.

This time the station of △ appeared on the upper left of the map. Although I can extend the yellow line, I will decide to create a new route to the station of □.

With this, a new blue line was drawn. Because the blue line only connects stations of △ and □ ...

If you extend it further to the station of ○, passengers of any sign can move smoothly without changing the line. As you can see from this state, □ station does not appear anew in the opening section, ○ station and △ station are increasing more and more. Therefore, by laying tracks so that you can arrive at □ station on any line, passengers can move without switching and smooth progress of the game. However, since the location of the station is completely random, it is also possible for the station to be built beyond the river even though a new tunnel can not be created. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a route network in preparation for unforeseen circumstances.

At the third week, I get a new line.

When I built a subway using 4 routes, it became like this. Since the blue line is too long, problems are likely to occur later. The number displayed on the upper right of the screen represents the number of passengers who got on and off and this is the game score as it is.

In the 4th week, I got the "following vehicle". "Top car" that I got in the second week was able to run by myself, but the following vehicle can not run free. However, by connecting to the back of the top car, you can increase the capacity per organization.

When installing the newly acquired following vehicle on the blue route ......

1-car train upgrade to 2 car train formation. With this you can now move 12 passengers at once.

Tap the blue line between △ stations and drag it to the isolated △ station on the upper right ... ...

It is possible to connect routes in the form shown in the figure below. From the midfield, we will not be in the state of "making a new route anytime", so I am struggling which line I should connect to a new station.

When you expand the six routes, your eyes will gradually stop spreading. When noticing, passengers are accumulating at the ○ station on the yellow line, things like black gauge appear around the station, the station itself trembling with the feeling "dangerous" and trembling and appealing. The gauge stretches like wrapping the outside of the station, and if this gets collected to the end ... ...

Game over. It means that 642 passengers used the subway in 40 days, the score is 642. Tap the play icon on the lower right on the game over screen ......

It is possible to play a movie edited by fast-forwarding from game start to game over.

Mini Metro gets harder as time goes on in the game. For example, + or ...

Special stations such as ☆ will appear. ○ The station and △ station gets boiled like a rainy bamboo shoot, while the special station takes a long time until the second one comes out. Therefore, as shown below, ☆ When a passenger "☆ I want to go to the station" appears far away from the station __, if the route network can not be successfully formed, the movement does not go smoothly, people accumulated in the station I will. Also, since the special station also appears in a random position just like a regular station, it is one of the elements that plagues the player's head.

Among the items, there are also "transit station" which improves the capacity of the station and boarding speed.

A map that can be played is also varied, and maps of the world's biggest cities such as London, Paris, New York, etc. appear and each has a distinctive topography.

"Paris" is a quite troublesome because the Seine River crosses the map and the station appears in Nakasu of the river. How to use the tunnel seems to be the key to the attack.

There are cities such as Melbourne that can play once you achieve certain conditions.

Osaka appeared from Japan.

Map of Osaka is Kore. The large amount of landfill left on the left is very troublesome.

Unique items also appear in these city maps. Although it seems to me that what is called "Shinkansen" is a subway, the Shinkansen is a very convenient item to move faster than normal vehicles.

Stick to the score of over 1000 on the map of Osaka and the line just before the game is kore. Until the middle of the game, I was thinking that "Create a loop line and expand the line around it", but when I corresponded to the growing station I ended up becoming a disruptive route . Although the Tanimachi Line (purple) runs north to south in the same way as reality, the Midosuji line (red) becomes a circular line, and the area around Tyroda is becoming an important nodal point, The gap between and is interesting ... ....

In addition to the usual normal mode, there is also "Extreme mode" which is extremely difficult to change the route and vehicle you have placed.

In order to play a map in Extreme mode, it is necessary to achieve strict release condition defined for each map, such as "getting a score of 1600 points in normal mode & 2 route connections to the station of □".

The condition for canceling Sao Paulo in Extreme mode is difficult even if imagining that "1,200 points in normal mode & ring line only".

Osaka is "cancellation to 10 weeks in normal mode" is the cancellation condition.

London mode in Extreme mode is "cancellation condition is" Normal mode score over 1000 and use of tunnel is one ". The condition that "the use of a tunnel is one" is a slander, for example, in the following cases, when trying to connect between □ station on the north bank of the river and ○ station, a subtle curve hangs over the river and two Because the tunnel of the eyes is born out. It is impossible to say this with a single tunnel, so it is important to give up.

I could create a route so far without using a tunnel only once, but after this I got over the game.

Mini Metro is an addictive game with a lot of things that often goes over about 1 hour before unknowing that it will not be able to quit easily once you start playing for only 10 minutes. Contrary to simple appearance and operation, there is no doubt that you will realize the invisible depth of this game as you play. The early stage will be able to clear even if you do not plan strategy with Alekole, but as time goes by, "cover this area with this route ... ..." "If you create a new station in this place, take countermeasures ... Play "which thinks as" ... "becomes essential. However, it is a level that can be cleared if you learn while you are over the game over and over, so it's a recommended game for people who like simulation.

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