Google unveils a unified support page "" to share and disseminate the concept of "Material Design"

The concept of UX design advocated by GoogleMaterial Design (Material design)Is an attempt to incorporate real world metaphors such as "paper" and "ink" to intuitively understand the meaning of the page, and to have a unified feeling of operability to overcome the difference of devices. To make Google understand material design more widely and to be used by app creators and designers, we should also call it a unified page that combines information on material design into"Has been released.

Material Design

Design Is Never Done - Articles - Google Design

According to Nicholas Zitkov of Google, "Good design produces good products.This is the reason we are trying to expand the system of material design, the material design supports the principle of good design, We will strengthen communication, increase productivity, and think that tools related to material design will make the team understand the potential power of design. " In order to get application developers to deeply understand the power of material design that Google believes and work on UX design, we will carry out efforts related to material design and providing future tools on one page " "Has been released.

First of all, in, a concept movie is released that imagines the potential that superior design possesses and the advantages that material design brings.

Introducing - YouTube

Following the movie, Mr. Zitkov's material design article,PixateYaFormDevelopment teams such as Learning Interactive Movement "Stage"We can share and unify the design concept of workflow within the team"Gallery"Has been released.

Please note that Stage and Gallery are still in release, so click the "REQUEST AN INVITE" feature page ... ...

If you register your name, e-mail address, etc., you will be invited to an early program.


"Material design guidelinesJump to the page.

Clicking "ICONS" ......

Available for material designIcon list pageI will jump to.

"TOOLS" will have "Remixier"Or"ResizerVarious tools such as "It is going to be released one after another.

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