An awesome vegetable that was the subject of fear of people for 600 years like a witch and a wolf man, its name is "Tomato"

ByVladimir Morozov

A red and juicy vegetable "tomato" is cut into salads, sliced ​​to marinate with cheese, juice, sauce, whole coat etc. There are various delicious ways to eat, but once "devil's There was something people were afraid of as "food."

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Going back on the present day In Europe in about 500 years, when the times change from the Middle Ages to the Modern era, people who are suspected of using magic will be judged with a sentence "Witch HuntIt was raging. Based on the view of religion, it is said that "suspects" who were executed without scientific basis roughly ranged from 40,000 to 60,000, and in Germany only 17,000 people were executed.

It was believed at that time,witchHe said that he was a man who was subordinate to the devil, he was the idea that he was a person who gave a supernatural magical power and an ointment harming people by contract and sexual intercourse with a demon (demon). It was also said that witches can fly in the sky on borax by the action of this ointment.

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In fact, owing to the way the ointment really is used, being believed to be "flying in the sky" by the hallucinations contained in the ointment,The record left by the pope's doctor at the timeAccording to the ointment, this ointment is made on ingredients such as Hemloc (poison carrot), night shade (Solanaceae plants), Henven vene (poisonous plant of the family Solanaceae), and plant hallucida Mandrake It was thought that it was thought.

Among them, three of Night Shade, Henven Van and Mandrake are close to tomatoes and the Night Shade has a look that looks like a kind of tomato as follows, so it was not easy to distinguish them It is thought. There is such a background, in those days tomatoes are used by witches, the popular opinion that they become wolves when eating seems to have spread.

ByBruce Fingerhood

Also, knowledge on plants was not as satisfactory as it is now considered to be the cause of tomato being disliked. At that time in Europe, medical doctors of ancient Rome ·GalengosThe classification method of plants by means of permeation has been penetrated, people said that they captured plants with the knowledge of 1000 years ago. For this reason, it is said that when a tomato was brought into Europe together with corn, blueberry, chocolate, etc., confusion took place as to how this new plant should be treated. Among the classifications, tomato was named "lycopersion" first, but gradually changed as it changed to be called "lycopersicon" meaning "wolf peach".

After that, this name was the botanist who served Louis XIVJoseph Piton Turnle FallIt will be fixed by. Among the Turnu Fall books, tomatoes are named "Lycopersicum rubro non striato" (red wolf's peach without ribs: wolf peppers without red stalks). Under the circumstances like this, tomato was said to have been caught as a plants without use.

Even then, like John Parkinson, the doctor of King James I of England, "tomato will lower the heat and heal the thirst from the heaty stomach," a scholar describing the usefulness of tomatoes There was also, but in Europe in the day it is not thought that tomatoes can be eaten about, and furthermore, because the "acid" contained in the flesh and fruit juice is strong, the alloy whose main raw material is tinPewterIt was also thought that it would dissolve out harmful copper from the tableware of the other. A similar tendency was seen in the United States, and a doctor from Harvard University, Dio Ruiz, regards tomato as not being a good food as "it is medically too powerful and easy to become addicted" It was. However, in reality, it seems to be what is called "eat and drink", which people feel that they hate not having eaten anyone.

ByDavid Noah

Later tomatoes gradually became accepted as food for people, but there are also some interesting anecdotes about tomato banning. For example, some people said Winchester, Massachusetts had a law "Prohibiting the cultivation of tomatoes in the garden." It is like a law like "Tomato is an evil food theory", but in reality this is said to have resulted from discrimination against Italians. Regulations made to ensure that local residents who have boiled business in Italy immigrants that are increasing in the region eliminate Italians planting tomatoes "to ensure that the neighboring dwellers are definitely Anglo-Saxon type" It is said that it is becoming clear that this law was legendary urban when examined further more.

In modern times it was a shame regret that saying that many people thought that they were "delicious" to eat tomatoes, but these are truly disappointing customs, but these are still sad results caused by nonscientific superstition and ignorance so. However, on the contrary, it is the same reason that it is difficult to eat grasshoppers even if there is reason to say "it can take a lot of calcium", and one thing made me think that food is deeply rooted in human culture is.

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