Wi-Fi naming rules simplified, next generation standard 'IEEE 802.11ax' to 'Wi-Fi 6'

Wi-Fi Alliance , a standardization organization of wireless LAN standards, announced that the name of the next-generation wireless LAN standard "IEEE 802.11ax" will be "Wi-Fi 6". In accordance with this, the name of the old wireless LAN standard will also be changed respectively.

Wi-Fi Alliance® introduces Wi-Fi 6 | Wi-Fi Alliance

Wi-Fi 6 | Wi-Fi Alliance

The new naming rule formulated by the Wi-Fi Alliance is simple and easy to understand that the number rises for each generation of the wireless LAN standard. This makes it easier to understand which wireless LAN standard products support wireless LAN standards and whether it is the latest one.

The following three wireless LAN standards are affected by the naming rule.

· Devices supporting 802.11ax technology: Wi-Fi 6
· Devices supporting 802.11ac technology: Wi-Fi 5
· Devices supporting 802.11n technology: Wi-Fi 4

Product makers and OS vendors can also incorporate new naming rules into the visuals on the user interface (UI) so that users can understand at a glance the "Which generation of wireless LAN standards are used" . An example of what kind of icon each Wi-Fi 4/5/6 will be displayed on the UI is the following image. On the familiar fan shaped stripe pattern as a Wi - Fi icon, numbers showing generation are on it.

Edgar Figueroa, President and CEO of the Wi-Fi Alliance said, "Wi-Fi users need to judge whether the latest Wi-Fi is supported by adhering to technical naming rules for nearly 20 years Wi-Fi Alliance easily introduces a new naming rule like Wi-Fi 6 to easily understand which Wi-Fi generation the industry and Wi-Fi users support for Wi-Fi generation I am excited to be able to do it. "

The next-generation wireless standard "Wi-Fi 6" that appears in accordance with the new naming convention can provide the capacity, coverage, and performance required by users even in environments where many people gather, such as stadiums and public places It will be like that. Also, using Wi - Fi 6 can reduce the battery consumption of the terminal, so it can be said that it is the optimum Wi - Fi standard for smart home appliances and IoT. In particular, the four points of "higher data rate", "increase in capacity", "excellent performance in high density environment" and "improved power efficiency" are strengths, and OFDMA and 1024-QAM Support, improvement of MAC control signaling, etc. are carried out.

Also, from Wi-Fi 6, the Wi-Fi Alliance's authentication program will be changed according to the new naming rules, and Wi-Fi 6 will be "Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6". Certification will be started from 2019.

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