Manga model appears in Amazon e-book reader "Kindle Paperwhite"

Amazon's e-book reader "Kindle Paperwhite" that displays expressions of small letters and fine pictures with 300 ppi high resolution clearly like paper prints, has been optimized for reading manga "Kindle Paperwhite 32GB cartoon model"Has appeared.

Kindle Paperwhite 32GB cartoon model - perfect for manga lovers

Kindle Paperwhite 's manga model is eight times larger than before, an e - book reader equipped with 32 GB of storage. About 800 books for manga, thousands of books can be saved for books.

One of the functions specialized in the manga model is "quick page turn", and the page turning speed is 33% faster than the normal model.

Also, as long as you press the screen with the Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model for as long as you press the page at a stroke when you think of "I want to read that scene" with paper manga, you can skip over at the speed of 7 pages per second Possible.

You can enjoy small whiskers and fine pictures with pinch & zoom.

Besides that, it also has a full-screen spread facility and features such as the ability to read continuations without searching when finishing reading manga.

The Kindle Paperwhite manga model will be released on October 21, 2016, and the price is 16,280 yen including tax. The color is two different colors of black and white. At the time of article creationPre-orders are available on Amazon.

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