Amazon 7 inch tablet "Kindle Fire HDX 7 tablet" that can be purchased in the early 20,000 yen movie & photo review

While carrying a powerful 2.2 GHz quad-core processor in a 7-inch tablet, only 303 grams of lightweight compact ultra-high speed tablet "Kindle Fire HDX 7 tablet"is. Batteries can be enjoyed up to 17 hours for books, up to 11 hours for normal use, and the price is affordable, 24,800 yen.

Kindle Fire HDX 7 tablet - lightweight compact ultra high speed tablet

This is the Kindle Fire HDX 7 tablet. Because it is 7 inches, with one hand with just good sense of size for reading, the screen is a full HD display of 1920 x 1200 (323 ppi).

Volume adjustment button on the left side of the back, power button on the right side.

Dolby audio dual stereo speaker microphone in the left and right corners of the back upper part.

MicroUSB port on the right side.

Earphone jack on the left side.

Having it in your hands like this.

When reading with the Kindle Fire HDX 7 tablet this is like this.

Because it is a 7 inch screen, it is big screen, and it can be used up to 17 hours if only reading books.

Also found "ORIGAMI cover" dedicated to Kindle Fire HDX 7 tablet. The color is lime yellow.

Back of the cover.

It becomes a stand with this feeling.

Stand part is like origami ... ...

Vertical placement is also possible.

There were purple ones as well.

Because it is 7 inch tablet, it seems to be pretty useful for reading manga in portrait.

Storage is selectable, 16GB is 24,800 yen, 32GB is 29,800 yen, 64GB is 33,800 yen.

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