A tool for managing animals that can forcibly display the delivery date of work on PC on Persona 5 style

It was released on 15th September 2016Persona 5A tool that can forcibly display the task and delivery date of work and task as "windy days until delivery"Deadline P 5"Has appeared.

To install the tool, click the URL of the above tweet first.

Then the download of the file starts, so click "OK".

Download the downloaded fileExplzhExpand using decompression software such as.

Click "DeadlineP5.exe" in the decompressed file.

Then the PC screen will look something like this.

This is Deadline P5 displayed in the upper right.

The "P5" icon is also displayed on the task bar.

The display can be placed in the desired position by drag & drop.

Also, even when opening other software and windows, Deadline P 5 is displayed at the top. That is exactly a tool suitable for use by company slaves.

Do you right click on this display ...?

You can open the menu by right-clicking "P5" on the task bar.

When you open "Setting", you can edit deadline · color · text · font · size etc. displayed in Deadline P 5.

For example, if you change as follows and click "OK" ... ...

Dodon and display can be changed.

It is also good to display the deadline of work, if the student is to show the deadline of the report, it is also good to show the deadline until the next break in order to give a little energy to the tired mind at work.

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